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Race Result

Racer: Arpad Romandy
Race: Eagleman Ironman 70.3
Date: Sunday, June 12, 2011
Location: Cambridge, MD
Race Type: Triathlon - Half Ironman
Time: 5:18:42
Overall Place: 399
Age Group Place: 75
Comment: Much better then last year

Race Report:

In short:

Last year 5:40 this year 5:18:42 - Thank you Cara Zaller - your nutrition advice is awesome!!!!

Swim 43:25
T1 1:59
Bike 2:34:43
T2 2:12
Run 1:56:23

Pre race, we slept at the school camp ground but pitched our tent inside the hall because of the rain, very comfy. Herman found the light switch and we dimmed the place nicely. Slept ok but there is a lot of noise from people coming in and out of the hall, doors slamming etc.

Great seeing the folks at the team tent and also the team fight tent. Lovely sunrise and great water conditions. 82F so not wetsuit legal.

They announced that they moved our wave up but then cancelled that because people were not ready? Shame I would have enjoyed the earlier start, anything to get out of the heat.

Swim - lovely - enjoyed the swim, navigation and everything else went very well. I did not push it as I was really enjoying the water.

T1 - uneventful.

Ride - after 20 miles I lost one of my aerobar pads, so I had to cross my forearms as that made things more comfortable. so my left hand was shifting the right hand shifter. 5 miles in I also heard a Co2 cartridge come out of my rear rack, despite using Elmer glue, I quickly screwed the other one out so I would eat least have something. I also lost my Co2 nozzle.... I only carry one bottle so I don't use the bottle cages but I am wondering how other people fix there stuff on the back without losing things. Rest of ride was fine, except a bit uncomfortable as you just sit the same way for 56 miles.....

T2 - uneventful, socks on and off on the run, messed up my timekeeping

Run - ok so I was dreading the run, I vowed after Eman 2010 not to do this race as I don't like running in the heat. So when I started the run I just thought to myself, it's cooler then last year, I have trained and there are other people out there dealing with far worse problems.....

to my surprise I actually enjoyed the run a lot, I walked every water stop pouring water all over myself, drinking gatorade and then HERE IS THE NEW DISCOVERY I would place one cup of ice (in cup) inside my tri top (lower back on spine) and one cup each on more or less either side of my belly button. I swear my core tempt felt like 55-65 degrees it was AWESOME!!!!!So I managed to encourage a lot of people and actually have some fun on the run!.

Nutrition secrets;

Saw Cara Zaller in Dec - changed my diet, actually managed to lose some fat over the Winter and come out leaner, with more energy.

Breakfast: 2 boiled eggs, sliced turkey, cherry tomatoes, 2 Gluten Free Home Baked Super Muffins - yum. 1 Zico coconut water, cup of coffee

Bike: 1 banana, 1 hammer bar (gluten free), 1 Lara bar (gluten free) 2 Cliff gels (really did not need it but just wanted to make sure), 24oz Accelerade plus one bottle gatorade (courtesy of the race)

Run: 1 Cliff gel

Post race: 2 oranges, watermelon, 2 of my muffins, almonds, water and sports drink

Thanks for all the support crews out there! Both MMTC and Team Fight did an amazing job.