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Race Result

Racer: Kristin Johnson
Race: IronGirl Columbia
Date: Sunday, August 21, 2011
Location: Columbia, MD
Race Type: Triathlon - Sprint
Age Group: Female 35 - 39
Time: 2:23:24
Overall Place: 839 / 200
Age Group Place: 169 / 326
Comment: almost 5 min better than last year! Very happy I copied this before I hit "send" since I didn't read the disclaimer saying there was a time limit!!

Race Report:

Iron Girl 2010 was my first Tri and I knew immediately... I was hooked! While I didn't get to train as much as I would have liked for this year b/c I am now a working momma with 2 preschoolers, I still managed to shave 5 min off my time from last year and 3 min off Celebration "Sprint" in June... btw, I don't know why we call these sprints... I have friends doing tris half the distance, what are they considered if IG and CB are "sprints??"

Anyhow... woke up at 1:30 am... 2:30 am... then 4:30 when alarm went off. Ate my almond butter and honey sandwich, and grabbed my coffee and gear and headed to park with Michelle and Jenni, HOF and Team Fight Support Crew for the day. Had Body Marking by Dane with the largest "40" on the course. Walked over to my bike to set up and popped the tip off my valve when trying to fill my tires in the dark (shout out to Keeley for having an extra head lamp b/c I forgot mine!). Thanks to Princeton Sports, Steve the bike mechanic replaced my tube in no time (still have yet to have to fix a flat). Posed for Kim Sheridan for my new profile pic. Passed my pump on to Patrick Sheridan so he could walk around filling tires for the hundreds of women who did not bring pumps.

Hung around in Team Fight tent meeting new people, listening to inspirational "why I fight" stories, and huddling from the thunderstorm... yes, thunder and lightening and we're swimming! This was my 7th time in the lake (in a year!), so I was not nervous. I was determined to have MY SWIM and use all the tips I have learned from our awesome Team Fight coaches this year.

Swim Time: 24:31
Delayed about 20 minutes b/c of the storms. I was totally relaxed getting in. Stayed to myself to get focused and just slipped into the lineup right before our time to get into the water. Started out swimming "cave man" style (thanks, Coach Adam) to find my line and get space to actually swim instead of just bump into people. Practiced what I learned in all those 1800-2000 yard workouts in the pool and felt great doing it.

I was so excited all day... came out of the water yelling "Best Swim EVER!" to my sister and Michelle on the way to transition. Thought I was 4 min faster, but 3 minutes is not too shabby either.... probably could have gotten that 4th minute, but went sharp on the first turn and got tapped by a kayak for being off course... whoops! I knew it was a two buoy turn, wtf?

Transition 1 Time: 4:02 (still baking cookies)
This could have been better, but I was in the middle, in the middle. Thankfully a rack mate had a nice bucket of water to rinse our feet with and my socks were actually not wet b/c I had put them under one of my towels. Put my Oakleys in my shirt in case the sun came out and headed up the slippery slope to start the bike.

Bike Time: 1:13:42
Bike Pace: 14.2 mph (woo hoo, .1 mph faster)
Really? only a minute faster?? I know I lost at least a minute or two struggling with opening my gu chomps while riding since I forgot to open them pre-race. Also forgot to eat my Cliff Shot before finishing, probably needed that on the run. Bike felt great, but I did feel like I was using my easier gears more than usual. Saw my friend Joanna from the wave ahead of me blow past me right outside the park. Is my bike that slow or do I need to do some strength training (yes to both, probably)??

Transition 2 Time: 2:07
1:30 faster than last year and did not forget my Nathan water bottle. I will never make that mistake again after Columbia Tri, esp on a hot day.

Run Time: 39:05
Run Pace: 11:10 (that math doesn't seem right, that's more like a 11:50, unless the course got even longer than 3.4)
Came out of transition feeling good. Saw my whole family cheering section and the Wiederholds for some high 5s and actually felt like I was in a race since my wave was so early, there were so many people behind me, regardless of how slow I was. I really don't know what happened on the run. My first mile was 10:20 with one walk break... didn't think I walked that much or that slow on the course, but oh well. LOVE LOVE LOVED the party on Gatorade Hill. Impossible to walk with all those people shouting my name and encouraging me up that hill (both ways). I wish the damn PF would go away so I could focus on my running and feeling better when running. It's gone from PF to a groin injury, to a tight quad.... again... need to do more strength training in between the endurance workouts.

There is nothing like the finish line for Iron Girl... so many friends and family out to support. All of Team Fight lined up... and this time, Nicole from Hardbody ran me down the hill... I will remember that forever on every finish line. Nic will be on my shoulder. Grabbed my daughter and niece before the chute and let them slow me down a little. I would love to see a picture of me encouraging them to keep up ;-)

Post Race:
Since Nic Ebright was out of town, he sent a substitute for us and I don't think anyone realized she was the Team Fight Masseuse... so NO LINE for a massage!! she touched my quad and felt the knot immediately. Ouch. Sent the kids home with daddy and Aunt Nickle b/c they were all whining about the heat and I did not want to leave until our last Team Fight person crossed the finish line. and then, my favorite post race meal... Double T diner.

Went and hugged my Mid MD buddies who aren't on Team Fight... yet and check out the awesome cakes by Sheila :-) So glad to train with both Mid MD and Team Fight. I can't imagine doing this without either one! I probably would be one of those people standing in line who doesn't know how to pump my own tire.

So happy to be able to represent Team Fight again and meet more people in the fight against cancer. I hear more and more stories every time I do this and it makes me want to do more. Thanks for the support! Team Fight is so many things to so many people, but it is the foundation for the growth we have had at the Ulman Cancer Fund. I am proud to part of the "sea of yellow" and am looking forward to more! More lives changed by what we do.
Thanks for reading!