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Race Result

Racer: Jen Jardeleza
Race: Eagleman Ironman 70.3
Date: Sunday, June 10, 2012
Location: Cambridge, MD
Race Type: Triathlon - Half Ironman
Age Group: Female 35 - 39
Time: 6:07:04
Comment: A hot fun race with a PR

Race Report:

Everything was going to plan with training until I sprained my ankle in March. Couldn't fit into a bike shoe, couldn't run and couldn't swim well. So I didn't have the training volume I had hoped for. But with Tim's deployment I started attending Bikram yoga classes...and I think that hot room helped acclimate me to the hot weather we had yesterday! I jokingly asked if I could bring my bike trainer in the studio and I got the are you truly crazy look. I rode the course a few times over the past month...and it was a huge improvement with the bike fit I had late last tri season at Princeton.

We headed up to Cambridge on Friday and stayed with a friend who lives about 1 mile from the course. It was great to wake up on Saturday, went fishing with the kids and got to lounge. We hooked a skate and couldn't bring it broke our line and swam away. Packet pickup was uneventful, dropped off the bikes and ate an early dinner at the High Spot.

Race am- Wheaties fuel with soy milk and a banana. My sister dropped us off at transition around 545. I pumped by back tire, and then my front...and the front wasn't holding much pressure. I had rode it the day before no problems...and then I brought the bike to Princeton. I had previously brought the bike to Princeton last week for a tune up and because my back wheel wasn't in alignment. So they saved me again. Lauren and crew changed my tube just before transition closed and I was getting yelled at to get out of transition. Went to the tent..and squeezed the girls into my skin suit and headed off.

Swim 34.39.- Nice and easy. The start was a little rough like a water polo match, but headed out and kept a nice pace. A little chop on the way back but nothing unbearable.

T1- 3:09. I had some issues getting the skin swim off..double checked everything and headed off. I need to get faster!

Bike 3:03.42. Fourteen min of last years time. Took a gel every 45 min and had 2 bottles of infinit and 2 bottles of water. I attempted some gatorade but got a little nauseated with it. Salt tabs every 30 min. I was attempting to pee on the bike and the guy behind me says, hey are you trying to pee on the bike...don't spray me. That ruined it for me. There wasn't a time when I had a long enough break with no one behind me. I stopped at a port a john and hopped back on.

T2- 4:17. Numb feet and cramps. Sunscreen reapplied and a few stretching moves.

Run- 2:21. 17- It was hot! Took it easy for the first three miles. Took ice at each station and shoved it down my bra. One kid asked me how many cups I was going to put down by bra. I told him that I have a lot of room. :) 2 cups did the trick each time. Took pepsi at most stations, some had run out. Lots of carnage out there. I saw Tim around mile 4 and he looked in better shape than last year..high fived him and told him I loved him and kept going. The volunteers were awesome. Tried to pick up the pace but couldn't. I thought I could go under 6 but it just wasn't meant to be,
I ended up with a 33ish min and change PR from last I can't complain.

The best part of the race is being with friends and family. Happy to see my kids and hubby at the end, and to spend it with the MMTC family. The tent was amazing...the food and smiling faces greeting everyone was just fabulous!