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Race Result

Racer: Hanna Sheffrin
Race: Eagleman Ironman 70.3
Date: Sunday, June 10, 2012
Location: Cambridge, MD
Race Type: Triathlon - Half Ironman
Age Group: Female 15 - 19
Time: 6:16:11
Overall Place: 1130 / 2378
Age Group Place: 1 / 2

Race Report:

First of all, I would like to say THANK YOU to everyone who helped set up and organize the tent! It was a huge life saver after the race, and I know my parents enjoyed everyone's company while I was racing.

Swim 35:21
Division Rank: 1/2

Did anyone else get kind of lost and disorientated on the swim? There was one point where I could barely see the next buoy and I wasn’t really sure which direction I was supposed to swim. I saw some green/yellow caps swimming up ahead but I couldn’t tell which direction they were swimming, and I had no idea if that was the wave ahead of me or the wave behind me. If it was the wave behind me, then I could very well have been swimming back to the swim start! Luckily, by the time I got close enough to the swimmers I realized that they were swimming in the same direction as me, and eventually I saw the swim finish way up ahead. Since I’m a swimmer, I never got scared during the swim, but it was very annoying and time consuming to try to figure out where I was supposed to swim. Now I realize it’s probably a good idea to remember the cap color for the wave in front of you and behind you as a reference in case you can’t find other swimmers in your wave.

T1 3:41
I didn’t have a wetsuit so the transition was pretty simple. I did take a little bit extra time to dry my feet though.

Bike 3:10:32 (17.63 mi/h)
Division Rank: 1/2

The first 30 miles flew by pretty quickly, and I stopped at the rest stop at 30 to refill the water bottle between the aero bars with Gatorade and get a new water bottle for the cage. I realized that I had to go to the bathroom but I missed the porta potties at the beginning of the rest stop because I was thinking that there were going to be more where the volunteers were handing out water bottles. I didn’t want to turn back around so I decided to move on and use the next porta potty up ahead, which was around mile 43. By then, the wind was picking up more on that road, my butt started hurting, and the area where the hamstring meets the glutes started to cramp up. Biking is my favorite leg, but at that point I was ready to get off the bike.

T2 4:06
I changed my socks because the ones I wore on the bike were wet from sweat and I wanted to avoid as many blisters as possible.

Run 2:22:31 (10:52/mi)
1st 6.6 mile split 1:12:04
2nd 6.5 mile split 1:10:27
Division Rank: 1/2

Running is by far my weakest, so my goal was to just keep running, no matter how slow, and only walk at water stops. Well, that’s exactly what I ended up doing! I gave myself a goal run time of 2:30 so I was happy with my final run time of 2:22. I felt myself kick into autopilot and pick up some speed by the turnaround point, and from there it was pretty smooth sailing. Around mile 8 I felt a big blister on my toe but I knew walking would probably feel worse than just running through it. Oddly enough, I didn’t really notice the heat being really bad on the run. I didn’t feel dehydrated at all, and throwing ice down my tri top a few times surely helped. On the way back I let myself run through the sprinklers to cool off some too. I didn’t realize how tired I was until I crossed the finish line.

Overall it was a great day and it was nice talking to everyone and meeting new people!