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Race Result

Racer: Brian Richards
Race: Eagleman Ironman 70.3
Date: Sunday, June 10, 2012
Location: Cambridge, MD
Race Type: Triathlon - Half Ironman
Age Group: Male 35 - 39
Time: 5:01:06
Overall Place: 296 / 1849
Age Group Place: 48 / 204
Comment: Ode to Eagleman

Race Report:

Thought I would take on the Eagleman RR from a different angle again. I hope you enjoy it.

It’s been just one year
Since I tackled this sport.
And sometimes I really wonder
How I’m alive to write this report!

So this is Vigo’s race?
The one he coined “Eagleman.”
But from all the pre-race banter
Shouldn’t it be “Embrace The Suck”-man?

The stars were all out.
I saw TJ, Miranda, and Suzy.
And it must’ve been an omen
When my bike rack was 10 feet from Crowie!

I was excited for this race.
My first half – IM.
I was nervous, stressed, and anxious,
And hoping I had the right plan.

Race day morn arrived.
Did I even close my eyes?
I chugged a cup of coffee
Waiting for the sun to rise.

We left from St. Michaels,
My wife and friend in tow.
They tried to pump me up,
Making sure I was ready to go.

We finally reached the park.
An Ironman – what a sight!
So glad to be here for a cause,
Racing for Team Fight!

I set up in transition.
My stomach doing flips
But not to worry, calm and cool,
I gave Crowie a few tips.

Time to spare before the start,
The worst thing really for me.
But I quickly found Dawn’s home sweet home
With my friends from MMTC. ☺

The swim is always first.
You all know that, right?
And there were like 300 of us!
Ready for a fight.

Man that last stanza stinks
As did my Eagleman swim.
Nothing about it went as planned,
And my goal time sure looked grim.

My T1 time was long.
Man, I could’ve played Words with Friends!
I finally got out on the bike
Ready to make amends! (for the swim…)

I set a pace I liked
And kept it right there, steady.
With the heat, the wind, and those last 15 miles,
I wanted to be ready.

The bike seemed to go by fast.
56 miles? You kidding me?
But that’s just the way I felt,
And I know my training was the key.

I made up 70 spots
In my AG during the bike.
I felt pretty strong, unlike the swim,
That I’d hit my marks just right.

I began to think about the run
As I put my bike away.
Shoes and hat and nothin’ else,
It was time to get on my way.

I’d heard rumors about this run,
As most of you have too.
I decided to take it slow at first
To make sure I’d make it through!

I started with an 8:00 min. mile.
A pace I knew I could keep.
I desperately wanted to run faster!
But I could hear Yost like I did in my sleep!

“Don’t go out too hard,” he said.
So I listened and stuck to the plan.
I passed lots of people and saw crazy things
The further that I ran.

People walking, people kneeling,
A guy vomiting on the bypass.
I kept my focus and knew I had it
And said, “Brian, move you’re a%*!” (I’ll release the Director’s Cut at a later date…)

I heeded Yost’s advice again
At the water stops each chance.
I drank some water and grabbed some ice
And poured it down my pants.

Mile 7 and past the turn,
I decided to quicken the pace.
My aim was for 7 min./mile,
But an issue, I did face.

The ice had done me wonders,
But it also water-logged my shoes.
The water made them weight a ton,
So much for minimalist shoes!

I was steady at a 7:30 pace
As I made my way for home.
I did slow at each water stop
For the heat was nice to no one.

I made up over 30 spots,
In my AG during the run.
As I hit the shoot and crossed the line,
I could finally hide from the sun!

Sheila was there with my medal,
And to make sure I was OK.
My wife with hugs and kisses.
All so proud of what I’d done this day.

Many thanks to Dawn and Heather
For giving us a tent for the ages.
Just sitting here and thinking what you did
Just like the racers, what you did was courageous!

Thanks as well to my Coach Ben,
Who won the AquaVelo, by the way.
Whose coaching and support
Made today a successful day!

Oh Sheila. Oh Sheila.
Where would I be without you?
Your support and encouragement
Unquestionably helped me get through!

And to my wonderful wife, Renee,
Who embodies what unselfishness is.
She gives up all to let me train,
A guy can’t be luckier than this!

The sun has FINALLY set
On the 2012 Eagleman.
But I think Vigo should seriously consider
A name change to “Embrace the Suck”-man. (It’s catchy!)