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Race Result

Racer: Dean Siedlecki
Race: Columbia Triathlon
Date: Sunday, May 20, 2012
Location: Columbia, MD
Race Type: Triathlon - International Distance
Age Group: Male 55 - 59
Time: 2:47:11
Overall Place: 551 / 999
Age Group Place: 4 / 24
Comment: Great weather, great “Tent” and Great improvement over 2011 / 4th Place

Race Report:

With a significant kids’ Saturday commitment in Carrol Co, etc., decided the most efficient registration would be after work on Friday.

Got to registration and had registered as Clydesdale over 40. This is a strategic call as now being 56, (16 years more than the lower end of this group), sometimes I register in the 55-59 age group. Thinking that I would more likely be eligible for an award, chose Clydesdale division (BTW that means over 200lbs).

Since have raced this division many times, there have not been “weigh-in” in a number of years. Not this year...and stepped on scale…...194lbs!!! Yikes, need 200lbs. OK, maybe come back tomorrow; eat LOTS before registration, no problem. Alternative, is to drink LOTS of water to make weight. With pre-race limitations on eating schudlue, I chose plan B.

Grabbed a cup and being drinking 6lbs of water!!!!. When I felt that I have reached my 200 lbs limit, onto scale again….198.5lbs….DAMN…..MORE WATER….and with a really bloated / full stomach and water shooting from my ears..I make the 200lbs by a hair…and to the volunteers watching….chuckles for my determination...LOL

Race morning: Wake up at 4am, get coffee, banana and off to the park by 4:30 am. Plan was to avoid the grassy parking are and park on upper lot. Early enough that hit no volunteers directing traffic....Transition open at 4:45 so get my transition gear together and wait in car and a little “rock-n-roll” motivation music. My bike rack is the 2nd rack from the bike mount-dismount area, so nice and close to the furthest point from swim exit, and furthest from run start…both positives, since more time to get the wetsuit down, and I would rather run through transition in running shoes, than bike shoes, maneuvering a bike!

Swim: had been part of Masters swimming since 2011 AG National Championship in August, and feel I have make significant progress in pulling with BOTH arms, and not just right arm, so was hoping to be under 30mins. During swim, felt really strong, no problems with hyperventilation, and originally wanted to “draft”, but most of groups was too far left and was able to sight 1st turn buoy early, and swan directly for that. After 2nd turn buoy, found a swimmer going fairly straight and drafted off of her for about 200yrds, then lost the draft. Finished swim feeling strong and thinking was about 28min. SHOCKED that its was 31+. More swim work at Mastes!

Jamie Coutney is also a Clydes over 40 and at the start, said he was looking for about 28, so know I have some time to make up. Wetsuit off, take bike out of T1, have shoes already on bike and plan to get feet in when coasting a little. Right foot would not go in, so eventually STOP to get both feet in shoes, as did not want to crash Not, need to practice this technique if continue it in the future, or just get bike shoes on in T1.

Installed a new WIRED bike computer, and canned wireless with cadence meter, as there were sometimes RF interference problems. Wired version of cadence read-out worked like a charm, and tried to stay near 80. Picked up about 4mins from 2011 bike split! As I come into transition, get feet out of shoes, and dismount and rest on 1 pedal, while gliding into last 25 yards. Hit dismount area, running, into T2. Jamie and I come into T2 together, but he is on run before me. Surprisingly, caught Jamie in the 1st mile, and continued to catch others in the group.

Since I have been practicing “bricks”, I had good leg speed coming out of T2, and felt more at easy early on, including some significant hills. Run splits: 7:55 - 7:57 - 8:39 - 8:42 - 8:21 - 8:09 - 2:16. Dropped run split by 3:50!! Don’t know how much of this increase is due to weather, but significant improvement.

Overall result was good enough for 4th in Clydesdale over 40.

S-31:30, T1-3:35, B-1:18:35, T2-1:32, R-51:59

Dropped 6:05 from 2011.

I am VERY appreciative for all the hard work the MMTC tent volunteer did to make ours the BEST club tent at 2012 Columbia Tria!! MMTC Rocks and love the tent location!