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Race Result

Racer: Dean Siedlecki
Race: Diamond in the Rough Triathlon
Date: Saturday, July 7, 2012
Location: Perryville, MD
Race Type: Triathlon - International Distance
Age Group: Male 55 - 59
Time: 2:58:02
Overall Place: 92 / 198
Age Group Place: 6 / 13
Comment: HOT, HOT, HOT.....and that was just the swim...

Race Report:

SORRY listed time incorrectly...really 2:58:02

Left for race at 4:45am, and got to race site in Perryville at before transition was ope, just before 6am.

Immeditely found a port-o-pot for relief. Then checked-in, and was registered in the 55-59 AG, but wanted to change to Clydes, thinking my chances for awards woulb be better. On scale - we go again. 1st, put shoes on, then drank lots of water, and make 200lbs minimun Clydes weight. Since the race start was 8:30, 2.5hrs to get ride of excess water, would not be a problem.

Set up transition, including mounting frozen water bottles. Then chill in shade with other MMTCers, incling Hector, Sadj and Bob B., for the 1hr before race start.

Sprint distance race started 1st. Only 2 waves in Inter'l distance, Male then Female.

Water temps was 86, so not only non-wetsuit, but water was so warm, that the race started with a swim that was HOT, and didn't get any better from there, as far as heat goes.

Race has a water start, so stood in shallow water until just before race start, then made way to swin start line. Swim course is in a diamond pattern, hence the Diamond part of Diamond in the Rough. 1st leg proved to be a bit challenging for sighting buoys. At race exit, you climb starts, then run to transition, so "official" swim time includes that time until enter transition. My watch swim time was (a very slow) 41:45, but my official swim time was 43:21. This still remains my weekest link.

T1 - 1:51 is only time to get out of transition, then a long grass run (approx. 100yrds)to bike mount. Attempteed to get Garmin on wrist, which caused delay in T1.

Bike start - Garmin fell off within 1st mile, so stopped, turn around and picked it up, place is trisuit leg opening. Bike coures has some very technical areas, including a "hairly" left turn on a steep downhill, at about mile 12. Then at about mile 21, a very long uphill (almost 1mi long), then some other steep downhills, and back through downtowm Perryville. Time: 1:27:14. Bike continues to be strogest leg.

T2, again run over grassy area, so Bike time includes long run. Again, have trouble getting Garmin on wrist, but exit T2 with fanny pack water bottle, race belt and Garmin in hand. Will get all on as running. Time: 1:34.

Taking fanny pack water bottle turn out to be a very smart move, since water stops (with ice) were only at every mile. At all aid station, filled bottle with ice, which provided lot of relieve between aid stations.

Between mile 1 and 2, relived myself in woods. 1st mile was short, and 2nd mile long. Since this is an out-and-back run course, similarly, mile 4 and 5 were long and short, respectively. Splits were - 6:44, 11:31, 8:13, 11:11, 6:41 total 44:00

I don't know if we are getting use to the heat, but this race did not seem that hot until almost the end of the run.

This was the HOTEST Tri I have even done, at it looked like 55 registered participant desided not to do the race.

It was great to see the other MMTCers! As it turned out, had I remained in the 55-59 AG, I would have come in 4th, ranther than 6th in Clydes, and if I had not had trouble with the Gramin, would likely have come in either 2nd or 3rd, as I was only about 2min behind 2nd and 1:30 behind 3rd. Lessons learn!