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Race Result

Racer: Tracy Cumberland
Race: TriRock Annapolis
Date: Saturday, May 12, 2012
Location: Annapolis, MD
Race Type: Triathlon - Sprint
Age Group: Female 45 - 49
Time: 1:29:23
Overall Place: 441 / 875
Age Group Place: 9 / 36
Comment: a different kind of hard, glad I went….

Race Report:

Prerace: The TriRock group put on a well-organized nice race. I liked the wooden box style bike racks; it made me feel like I was at the ITUs. There were 13 waves starting every 7 minutes that lasted over 1.5 hours. I was just getting in the water when Ben was starting his last mile! Transition closed 1.05 hrs before I went into the water! Otherwise pre race stuff was good. The mandatory Friday packet pick-up was a 2.5 traffic nightmare, but made race day easy. Parking is 0.7 miles away unless you can find a spot on the street. Plenty of POPs. Speakers were not loud enough to hear in transition. It was fun to see Sergio and Hector.

They divided racers into A/B/C groups within each division (age and gender group), which was weird. “A” female 45-49 were in wave 1, “b” were in wave 7 (that was me) and “c” were in wave 10. They based it on the time you predicted when you registered. The morning prep was simple compared to my last race IMFL. The usual breakfast of 2 HB eggs and a sweet potato lasted me the long wait to the start. I took a gel with water 10 minutes before my wave start. I was not expecting much as I was a couch potato over the winter. I almost did not go.

Swim 12:09:38 18/36 age group
I wish I had the tinted goggles as the first part is into the sun. It was a slow swim, despite trying to push it. I was ok with the time, as I have only swum 5 times since November. The current was stronger than I expected. The water was 58-60 degrees. I wore an x-terra neoprene cap, which really made a difference in warmth. My feet were the only cold part I had.

Transition #1 2:08:29 3/36 age group
Short run on carpet and smooth pavement. I decided last minute to put socks on, so I missed the top spot.

Bike: 44:04:87 11/36 age group 16.3 mph pace
Felt good to be out of the back of the pack and get a bike PR. I pushed gears until it burned then backed off one gear. Raced near VO2 max most of the ride. Backed off a tiny bit mile 10-11 to allow gel to digest. Took in ¾ bottle of water. Shoes started and stayed on the bike. I did not feel like I had a good bike. Althuogh, it was the first time I passed more people in my age group than passed me. ☺ Riding with Sadj gave me good luck!

Transition #2 2/36 1:12:61
I could not feel my feet, they were numb! Almost fell over putting on my shoes. I had longer to run out than most. The top transition spot still eludes me.

Run: 19/36 29:48:75 9:39 min/mile
I was slow out of T2, as I hard time getting the race bib on and I could not feel my feet. It felt like running on 2 ice cubes. The uphill out of T2 was really hard, I felt like I was crawling. At mile 1 my Garmin read 10:02, which was good for me especially with the hill. So I decided to up it a gear, maybe I could get a PR run after a poor swim and mediocre bike. My Garmin splits 10:03, 9:49, and 9:17. I really pushed the last mile hard, as I wanted to get under 30 minutes for the run and 1:30 for the race. I was nauseated and ready to be done at the end, just like the Ironman, go figure.

Post race: Food was average. Medals were very heavy. There were computers to print out your times, which were nice. My print out said I was 4th, I was jazzed. Later I learned I was fourth of the “B” F 45-49 in the 7th wave and 9th of all the F 45-49. The day was topped off with a picture and signed book from Chrissie! I have a need for some more speed!