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Race Result

Racer: Amy Somerville
Race: Columbia Triathlon
Date: Sunday, May 20, 2012
Location: Columbia, MD
Race Type: Triathlon - International Distance
Age Group: Female 35 - 39
Time: 3:15:46
Age Group Place: 53 / 97
Comment: Fell apart on the run:(

Race Report:

Felt pretty decent going into this race, although my plan to compete in a 1/2 marathon and 2 mile swim within the month prior backfired a bit on me. Definetely not enough time in the saddle this year and it showed.

I was in the last swim wave since I "aged up" this year to the lovely ladies in 40-44 AG. I really dislike being last as you definetely lose some momentum. Plus, the pros were literally finishing before I started which is just crazy! Also it was getting warm.

Swim 30.09

This was a 1.30 minute improvement from last year so I was psyched. All the swimming did pay off, although the interesting thing this year was that I found I was in the thick of things through the whole swim. Generally after the 2nd turn things spread out more and I am swimming alone. Not this year though, I was pretty neck and neck with 2 other swimmers the entire time which made breathing a challenge at times, but did cut down on my need to sight so much. Had plenty of energy though which is always a good sign!

T1 2.53

I love Trislide! No problem getting out of my wetsuit this year-I didn't even have to sit down:)

Bike 1.33.18 16.1

Boy did my lack of time riding show today! This was worse than last year which was pretty disapointing-we are supposed to get better every year right?? Great speed on the flats and inclines, but just could not keep up the speed on the hills. I didn't feel bad or tired, just couldn't push it where I needed to. Made sure to drink my whole bottle of Perpetum, take salt tabs and eat a gel while riding, but it was clearly not enough.

T2 1.59

Uneventful except that I sprayed myself in the eye with Gatorade-I do not recommend this as part of your transition as it rather stings! Took my salt tabs.

Run 1.07.30

Ouch. This is where I fell apart. Running is not my strong suit. I know I will never match all the awesome runners in this group, but I know I can run a 10k under a 10 minute pace-I've done it in training plenty of times.

Started off strong and felt good until the first time up Gatorade Hill. There were so many people walking up the backside and it was getting so hot the only word that came to mind was "carnage". Not a good way to go into the rest of the run. I drank Gatorade at every water stop and happily followed the tip to put ice down my jog bra-heaven for about 1 1/2 miles and then I started to feel awful. Started getting chills up the last hill, but was able to finish smiling:)

Despite the weak bike and falling apart on the run I still managed to shave off over 2 minutes from last year-if only I could pull it all together, but don't we all say that!?

This was my first time wearing my MMTC jersey and I just loved all the cheering, both from the volunteers, but also from other people competing. And as always the tent was wonderfully done and a great respite after the race-thanks for all your hard work!