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Race Result

Racer: Sheila Mongeon
Race: Columbia Triathlon
Date: Sunday, May 20, 2012
Location: Columbia, MD
Race Type: Triathlon - International Distance
Time: 3:43:04
Comment: My 1st Oly; All 3 goals achieved!

Race Report:

I should have called this "Revenge FROM Rumpass"! This was my 3rd completed race (2 last year and now this one); based on my time (03:43:04), I should have ran 1 second faster to make it more 3's; my weight yesterday morning ended with xx3.3, and 3 other surprises happened to me.

Yes, I had worked 12 hours on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday in preparation for packet pick-up, however, I tried to stay off of my feet, sitting at my "Solution Desk" as much as possible. I was technically OK, alot of mental exhaustion which of course, carried over into physical "tiredness". On Saturday, Brian showed up at the hotel and surprised me (he was supposed to be heading out of town) and gave me his 2 lucky charms that he carries with him on all of his races. He wanted me to have them for my "lucky" day on Sunday. (guess what? They worked!).

Over the past 3 weeks, I had been practicing what Missie said about dunking under cold water, blowing bubbles, etc. in preparation for swimming. I've gone OWS 3 times, with the last time (last Friday) being the most successful. I was feeling ready. Race Pace gave me a loaner bike to use for the race (mine is still in the "operating room" at the "hospital" with Shimano & Trek). I felt like I was ready for Sunday! Bring it!

Sorry to all of you who had later swim waves, but I LOVED being in the 4th wave. It was exactly what I needed, psychologically - to see all of the people behind me. The bad? I was near the last one of my wave out of the water. The good? I was surrounded by all of the men out on the bike course!

Swim: 41:25 (not TOO bad considering I probably swam 1.25 miles!) Yes, I have problems with sighting and going straight. I think that I may also be exhaling TOO hard, therefore, wearing myself out. The good? I didn't panic AND I did at least 1/2 of it using freestyle! YEAH! Honestly, considering how far off course I went, I was pleased with my time since last year for Celebration and Iron Girl, I did the .6 mile swim in 38 minutes. My goal was to complete the swim in 45 minutes. When sighting for the Swim out ramp, I saw Bob standing there (as he always is). I headed straight to him. I yelled "What time is it? What time is it? " He said that it was 7:43. Considering my wave was at 6:58, that meant that I made my 45 minute goal. YAHOO! Well, since my actual swim time was 41 minutes, I guess that we either left late or his watch was a little off. I don't care. I did it!

T1: 4:40
The good? I was able to jog a little up to my bike. The bad? I'm still way too slow. Next time, I will definitely not worry about putting on gloves. But after my accident at Rumpass and the cuts I had on my hands from NOT wearing gloves, I was thinking that I should. Wasted too much time with those. I will also cut the bottom of my wetsuit a little to make it easier to get off. That will help a little but still too slow. Need to work on that.

Bike: 01:42:29 (avg. speed 14.9)
I have been averaging between 01:40:xx and 01:45:xx on training runs. So considering I had just finished the swim, I'm OK with the time. I obviously have to work on getting up those darn hills. The good? I was actually able to pass 3 women on the course (there was a 4th but she was broken down on the side of the road so that doesn't count). I actually passed a couple of men, but that didn't last long. All of the women that I "swam with" were already so far out in front of me that left me with the guys. I expected them to be passing me - which they did, like I was standing still. A couple were nice and giving encouraging words. Others were just racing their race. Sergio and I had "fun" playing leap frog out there on the course. But there was a point where we thought that we were out for a nice Sunday morning bike ride and were riding next to each other "talking". As we were on Linthicum, towards the end of the road, he was "passing" me and said "is it too late to change to relay?". Well, guess who comes riding by? The officials. I saw them and stopped pedaling and told him to go in front of me. Obviously, a little too late - he was caught with a penalty. I felt horrible! A little later on, I started playing leap frog with Moe but then he passed me up the hill (passed Folley Quarter circle) and he was gone. Goal? Work on hills!

Ben (Winterroth) had told me to ingest 600 calories while on the bike in preparation for the run. I was to do that with 2 gel packs and 2 bottles of Gatorade. Well, I froze my Gatorade the night before, one of them was in the thermal bottles. It was still ice! It barely melted. But I did get most of my nutrition in. (Although Ben wasn't able to race on Sunday, he was there not only for his friends but he stayed longer, just to make sure that I finished. Thanks Ben!)

T2: ? something happened with my chip, I guess

Run: 03:00:39 (pace = 29 min/mile). Ok, so considering that my overall finish time was 03:43:04 and my run time was 3 hours, I guess that I did better on the swim AND bike than I thought! I did both of them in 43 minutes! (yeah right!) I guess that I had better work on my "run"! In reality, here is my perspective. As I came out of T2, I was feeling pretty good. I was "getting dressed" while running out, putting on my visor and race belt and looked up just in time to see.....Brian standing on the left side of the path! I couldn't believe it. He had driven all the way from DE that same morning to come to the race. I must have let out a scream because he says that he didn't see me at first. Once he did, he began running along side of me (on the grass) and was yelling and screaming at me like a mad man - telling me that I looked good, looked strong, keep going, and that he would be at the finish line waiting for me. I told him to meet me there in 01:10:00. My legs got the best of me and had to walk more than I would have liked. According to my Garmin, I did the run in 01:12:xx. Once I came up that last little hill ("finishers hill), I don't think that I've run so hard. I wanted to make sure that I was 'alone" in the shoot because at the IG Half, another lady and I crossed the finish line together and when I threw my hands up in the air (for that photo finish picture), I hit her in the head! Ooops, sorry!

So I wanted this to be a great finish - My first Olympic race! I did it!!! I accomplished my 3 goals: #1. Finish it; #2. Don't let Aleah pass you (she started 45 minutes after me); and #3. Finish in 4 hours or less. Alan W. was along the fencing as I came running down the shoot, Brian was at the finish line for me (do you think that he wanted his lucky charms back already? I guess that I had better find my own lucky charm to carry with me for my races!), we walked to the tent where we saw Michele (Tuttle) who screamed when she heard that I had finished, and of course, everyone else who gave me all of the hugs and support that I needed for that day, especially knowing what I had gone through just 1 month before (too many of you to mention but you know who you are). I love this family and could NOT have done it without your love and support. I'm glad that I didn't give up and can't wait to see what my plan will entail over the upcoming months, preparing me for bigger and greater things! Bring it!