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Race Result

Racer: Aleah Zinalabedini
Race: Columbia Triathlon
Date: Sunday, May 20, 2012
Location: Columbia, MD
Race Type: Triathlon - International Distance
Age Group: Female 30 - 34
Time: 2:58:14
Overall Place: 839
Age Group Place: 26 / 79
Comment: What a day!!

Race Report:

First, let me start by saying, I do not know how Sheila does what she does AND then races. I volunteered for a decent part of Saturday and only 2 hours Friday. I was spent!! My husband was out of town and I thought it was a great way to stay busy. Bob Reid said it perfectly, your family is out of town, so you are spending it with your "other" family. So true, love this club!!

This year has been unbelievable. I got a new bike, coach, perspective, and so much more. I have been improving and having so much fun at the same time! Columbia was no exception! I managed a 22 min improvement from last year, and had a BLAST!

Woke up at the latest possible minute, ate breakfast, and waited for Sheila to pick me up. My wave was late, so I wanted to eat as late as possible. Got to Centennial with no problem, there was NO traffic at 5:15. Dropped stuff off at the tent and headed over to transition to set up. Saw lots of awesome people, chatted, attempted to get nerves out, and relax. Set up transition, and headed back over to tent where I got my hair did and relaxed.

Swim: 26:58 13/79 I had no idea what to expect. I have been swimming about 1x every two weeks, and not in the pool as much I wanted to be. I managed to make a few masters swims, which I think helped a lot. I started “in the pack” which was a mistake. I got my butt kicked by other women trying to take off. I swam out to the side so I could actually swim, and just tried to stay on track toward the buoys. I felt great, and had no anxiety in the water. My swim last year, this was not the case. I freaked out, and “swam” most of it on my back, or some weird kind of paddling with my face out of the water. I improved the most on the swim, last years time was 35:09. I want to spend more time in the pool, and doing club OWS.

T1: 3:51 40/79 Trotted to my transition. Had a little bit of trouble with the wetsuit, and was off. I really want to continue to improve this. Last years time was 6:20, so I will take it.

Bike: 1:33:02 37/79 another improvement, but not too much to report. My bike has been really frustrating for me. I feel like I should be better, and I can be hard on myself. I will get there, or at least improve. I did an okay job drinking on the bike, and managed to eat a pack of stinger chomp things. I took a Gu right when I turned onto 108 to prepare for the run. I know I HAVE to be better with nutrition for Eagleman!

T2: 1:13 12/79 I had all my race belt, hat, and nutrition in a gallon size baggie. Racked my bike, threw on shoes, and took my bag with me. I put stuff on as I ran out, which saved a lot of time. Another major improvement from last year. 2:38 last year.

Run: 53:13 20/79 I felt decent out of transition, but that soon ended. The heat got to me, I was tired. I kept bargaining with myself, “if you don’t walk, Pub Dog for dinner” that kind of stuff. I conceded in the neighborhood though. I told myself, two one-minute walk breaks into water stop that was it! So, I did. And who did I see come running past me? LISA!! ☺ I was stammering, I uh just started walking, I swear! I heard a “Lets go” and I did not walk again! There was a guy with a cute butt in front of me, so I just kept him in my sights and ran in. I saw some awesome people on the run, lots of amazing support, and despite feeling the heat and fatigue had a great time! I wanted to run a little faster, but I am very pleased with my performance. I so love this club and all it has to offer. Tri has really changed my life in so many positive ways. Cannot express my gratitude enough.

On to eagleman! I am so scared. Mostly of the heat, and not doing my nutrition correctly. I know its going to be incredible no matter what though, because I will be there with my “other family!!”