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Race Result

Racer: Bruce Chambliss
Race: Columbia Triathlon
Date: Sunday, May 20, 2012
Location: Columbia, MD
Race Type: Triathlon - International Distance
Age Group: Male 30 - 34
Time: 2:35:49
Overall Place: 305 / 1684
Age Group Place: 28 / 127
Comment: If only I could run

Race Report:

22:27 (5/127 AG)

Started out on the far left, headed directly for the corner of the lake, found a competitor from my wave and slipped right into his draft at the second turn. He could sight really well, so after one more yellow buoy, I only sighted about once every 30 seconds or so. He even navigated me successfully through the earlier waves! Thanks! Kept a good pace, but could've pushed harder, I got too comfortable in the draft, I had never drafted swimming before, I recommend it.

1:50 (2/127 AG)
Uneventful, wetsuit off, thanked my swim draft buddy (next to me in transition), helmet on, bike and go. I do a flying mount and it works well for me.

1:16:17 (28/127AG)
Hoping to go about 3 minutes faster but I was 'hoping' that I would be able to run well after the bike, too much hope there. I also managed to unclip while shifting at the start of Greenbridge, don't do that. I had to ride back down and turn around to have some momentum to climb the hill. I knew my swim was good when very few fellow AGers passed me on the bike. I love my new Shiv, wish I would have pushed it more.

0:54 (7/127)
Slipped shoes off coming in to the dismount line. The usual fumble putting on the socks, then shoes on and ran off putting my number and visor on.

54:24 (66/127)
Hoping my feet would feel better, I had bought new insoles, supposedly better for impact… not so much. I ran well out of transition, powered up the hill and then the feet started to burn. I'm used to the feeling, it is not comfortable, but I can force my way through it at a slower pace. So I suffered through the 10k and was only looking forward to taking my shoes off. Finding a doc this week for the feet, yep, both of them have the problem.

Overall I have a Love/Hate relationship with Columbia, it is one of the toughest Olympic distance races I have come across, so the rest of the season will be faster, but I hate that darn run course…It was a PR by 5.5 minutes, all bike.

Thanks for the awesome MMTC support and the tent was great!