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Race Result

Racer: Jake Oergel
Race: Columbia Triathlon
Date: Sunday, May 20, 2012
Location: Columbia, MD
Race Type: Triathlon - International Distance
Age Group: Male 35 - 39
Time: 2:18:51
Overall Place: 70 / 1650
Age Group Place: 7 / 164
Comment: Phantom foot pain and getting the cobwebs of for Eagleman...

Race Report:

The Thursday before the race went out for a very innocent ride on the Columbia course and after bike and a short 10 min brick run developed nice hematoma top of right foot but no pain so thought nothing of it. Over next 48 hours foot swelled up some but still no pain and my vast medical knowledge couldn't figure out what the problem was. Good news was woke up race morning after two days of treatment and foot seemed in stable condition but was a little hesitant to race due to goal race of Eagleman in 3 weeks. Being stubborn I decided to use race as training day and get out and enjoy the weather with the wonderful people that do tri's. Also this was my first race as a member of MMTC and I didn't want to dissappoint.

Pre-race: Been doing tris for 12 years and always arrive early to the race so I was at the park at 4:45 as I always want to be prepared for the unexpected.

Swim: 23:19 - Due to family commitments (two very energetic girls) and transitioning my practice to Columbia havent had much free time to hit the pool so I used the old excuse of I swam competitively growing up so why swim now.

T1: 2:23 - Little slow for my liking but the the lack of swim training and trying to run the 40 in under 4.5 seconds coming out of the water left me a little dizzy in transition so took a few seconds to gather my bearings.

Bike: 1:10:11 - Little dissapointed in my bike time as I was feeling stronger than this coming into the race but I believe I was holding back a little due to the foot and not wanting to flare it up before it was called upon to run the lovely hills of the Columbia Tri.

T2: :59 - Uneventfull T2...I already have my feet out of the shoes and I wear my race belt under my wetsuit so its just a matter of finding my rack and slidding my running shoes on then motoring along.

Run - 42:03 - Settled into a nice cadence right off the bat and decided that was where I was going to stay the whole race and it paid off as didn't get passed once on the run...although with 100 meters to go in the race I saw two competitors cross the finish line ahead of me that where in my age group so I guess I should have pushed the pace harder but I thought it was best to save that speed for Eagleman.

Overall: 2:18:51

Final thoughts: Good news is the foot was fine and the cobwebs/rust is off and ready to nail these last 3 weeks of training leading into Eagleman. It was also a pleasure racing for such an amazing team. The amount of cheering throughout the race was incredible and the energy that this team has its exactly what I was looking for when I joined. I am excited to get to know more of the team and also represent at Eagleman.

Thanks for the support!!!