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Race Result

Racer: Jenni Ferguson
Race: Celebration Sprint Triathlon
Date: Sunday, June 24, 2012
Location: Columbia, MD
Race Type: Triathlon - Sprint
Age Group: Female 30 - 34
Time: 3:09:10
Age Group Place: 10 / 16
Comment: I'm not doing it, I'm doing it, I'm not doing it, oh wait I am....

Race Report:

This is long, but it's my story :)

So I signed up for this race as my first full tri back in the Fall because it was a smaller race and didn't want to wait until August for my first Tri. I then did not train nearly as much as I should have in the next couple of months and decided 3 weeks before the tri not to do it, mainly for my swim since I had only been in the pool 4 or 5 times. My sister (Kristin Johnson who had only signed up to do it with me) spent the next 3 weeks trying to convince me that I would be fine, with no success. Attended the Team Fight lunch on Saturday answering the "are you racing" with "no, I am just not ready." To which Kimberly Mitchell gave me many mean stares for dogging out when she was still doing it (love you Kimberly!). After the lunch I headed to the expo to pick up my package and turn everything in since I was not doing the race. Sat around for about 30 minutes giving moral support to the volunteers and it started to hit me that I was thinking I made the wrong decision. I love the expo and the energy everyone has. Around 4:00 PM Sharon, Sheila and Kristin spent the next 15 minutes taking all of my excuses and throwing them in the trash.... so now I need to suck it up, go get my bike, and head to transition. Heart pounding for the next hour, I worked on convincing myself I could do this. Shout out to my sister who promised me to keep with me as much as she could and do this together!!

4:00 AM couldn't sleep got up and ready normal nutrition (coffee, almond butter and jelly sandwich, and some water). 5:00 AM we head to the park. As I arrive I start to think about those that I am in these races for through Team Fight and I feel more encouraged. I get all their initials on my leg as a reminder. As we go through the dedication circle, another reminder, this is nothing compared to what they have fought for. so Ready or not here I go....

Swim - 33:26
My swim was a sloppy breast stroke and some crazy looking freestyle that I came up with because I was scared of not being able to site. I just kept my eyes on one person in front of me and had a little race with the person next to me. As long as I kept with them I knew I would make it. And it worked. I expected my swim to be 40 minutes and was thrilled to see my sister Kristin waiting for me at the swim end telling me I was 35 minutes in the water! Next I see Keely my mascot with her pink wig cheering me out of the water giving me just a little boost.

T1 5:22 - yes this is horrible, but can only go down from here

Bike 1:28:51
I took a while to get my legs on the bike after the swim. First time I have ever had to get used to that feeling. I need towork on my climbs and get clipped in, but I LOVE the downhills on this course!!

T2 3:29 - yah yah, fix the time

Run 59:04
So I decided I was going to do 1:1 intervals and speed it up at the end depending on how I felt, well my shins did not agree and I could not get the pains worked out. Had to walk most of the run. My sister asked me when the shin pain usually gets worked out, it's mile 3, which is not really helpful in a 3.4 mile race. It was so awesome to see Krissy from Team Fight jumping up and down for us as we got the end of the dam, the whole Team Fight posse cheering us along like we were about to win the whole thing, my family jumping up and down for me as I entered the chute, Mark my papparazzi along the chute, and finally getting to run through the finish line having completed the WHOLE thing myself!

LONG (I know VERY LONG sorry) story short, I am so glad I made the decision to do the race, I could not have done it without the support of my sister, my mascot Keely, those I fight for and with on Team Fight, and the encouragement of MMTri! I look forward to actually training this summer and beating the hell out of my time!