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Race Result

Racer: Anna Muench
Race: Columbia Triathlon
Date: Sunday, May 20, 2012
Location: Columbia, MD
Race Type: Triathlon - International Distance
Time: 2:52:52
Age Group Place: 19 / 79
Comment: First Olympic

Race Report:

This was my first Olympic tri and only my 3rd tri ever so fairly happy with the results. Also first race on a road bike because I did my two sprints last year on a mountain bike so that really helped.

Swim 28:50 (1.56 rate)
I took it easy because I didn't want to burn out early. I stayed on the inside next to the buoy's instead of in the group which gave me open water but I think the second yellow buoy had drifted in slightly so I had to swim further to get to the orange turn buoys. So I made my swim longer but less congested for teh first half. After I turned around the second orange buoy, I started seeing a few red caps from the group ahead of me and it got a little more congested. I took a good kick to the head as we were exiting, but didn't loose my goggles so just kept going till I grabbed sand.

T1 3:00
Got my wetsuit down to my waist and cap and goggles off only to run right past my bike. I turned around and found it fairly quickly and managed to get my wetsuit off eventually. It seemed so much harder than usual.

Bike 1:26:27 (17.4 av)
Went out feeling really good and was happy with my ride overall. The hills were rough but I didn't struggle as much as I thought I would. I did have my chain slip once so I had to stop and fix it, but that was only a few seconds and I was back on the bike again. I eased up at the 20 mile marker and started spinning at a slightly higher RPM to try to get my legs working again for the run. Biggest thing I neglected was to take on enough fluids which I found out in the run.

T2 1:18
Again ran right past my spot on the rack, not sure what my problem was. Eventually found it and out I went on the run.

Run 53:19
The first mile was painful but good and I was holding 7:47 pace - even up that nasty first hill. Then right at the 1 mile mark I cramped up terribly. Both quads went at the same time. I had to slow to a 9:30 pace and just barely hung on for quite some time, but I knew if I stopped to stretch it would all be over so I kept going. I finally started to feel better around mile 4ish on the long downhill so I could speed up the downhills and flats but as soon as I tried going up a hill the cramps would come back so I had to take it easy up hills. The last mile felt good again, well as good as the end of a race gets, and I finished under 3 hrs which was my goal.

Can't wait to do the Rock Hill IT June 2nd and see if I can shave a few minutes off my time!