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Race Result

Racer: Geoff Matrangola
Race: Columbia Triathlon
Date: Sunday, May 20, 2012
Location: Columbia, MD
Race Type: Triathlon - International Distance
Age Group: Male 40 - 44
Time: 2:40:45
Overall Place: 406 / 1684
Age Group Place: 85 / 232
Comment: Race like you've never been hurt before

Race Report:

This was my first tri back after the accident. My time didn’t matter much and I didn’t set any real goals other than to “race like I’ve never been hurt before”. I am lucky to be out there and racing with my friends.

Note: may be some TMI here, sorry I am trying to keep notes to see what works but thought it was worth sharing in case we have someone else with similar medical mysteries.

Pre race: Just got back from a business trip to San Francisco where I rode the Alcatraz bike course and saw the start of a stage for the Tour of CA on Monday. Was a little jet-lagged because of the late + delayed flight home on Thursday + backed up honey-do list. I thought I managed to eat healthy out in CA, but must have found something that I’m allergic to and ended up with hives starting Thursday, through the race on Sunday and even now. Helped Hannah make cookies Friday night, the combination of a lot of standing and treats that were not the right type of carbs. But the cookies were yummy and Hannah so enjoys cooking. I should have hydrated more and sooner.

Grateful for the good weather. I enjoyed the short early morning 5:00 am walk to Adrian’s house to clear my head. We were surprised to see so many cars parked early.

Overall 406 of 1684
AG 85 of 232

Swim: 25:35
Good solid swim, started up front and to the right. Proper seeding is important or I run into too much neoprene.

T1: 3:44
Removed cap and goggles, left them in my sleeve as I remove the top of my suit. My new Garmin got stuck in my sleeve as I was trying to my hand out of my wetsuit, carry water, and wave at someone who yelled my name. (turned out to be Caroline) My T1 is still something I should work on.

Bike: 1:18:11 (19.2 mph)
Happy with that, but could be faster. With a little more bike training. First tri with the new bike fit from Mike Stone, but can’t compare because last year my rear break was rubbing.
Plan was to bring a throw-away bottle with me on the ride and literally exchange it at the bottle exchange at the Ten Oaks Circle. Worked well. Less complicated than years past. But only worth trying if you know the course and where the aid stations are set up.
Passed similarly matched riders on tri bikes going up hill, but they had the advantage on the downhill and flats. I’m tempted to try this again on my tri bike.

T2: 1:56
Actually sat down to put on my Vibrams. Yes, I run in “those”. I need to get a new pair because the pinky toe’s place is somehow creased and it makes it difficult to get the toes gloved properly.

Run: 51:23 (8:18)
I was proud of my 8:30 last year and decided to see if I could beat it. I set my watch to show average pace. I was able to maintain 8:30 for the first mile, then I was starting to drift mentally on the hills and slowed. Looking back at my H/R data, I could have pushed a little harder Mile 2-4, HR dipped down to Z1 a few times and was mostly bouncing around in Z2. Oly should be a Z3 run. Right?
Felt like my bladder was full the first ½ but it got better around mile 4. Probably close to perfect hydration on the bike. Took mostly sips and splashed my face with water at the water stops.
I told myself to “race like you’ve never been hurt before” and pushed my pace to sub-eights and my HR data shows steady climb from Z2-Z4+ starting a mile 4 to finish.

I was happy Columbia went without a hitch, it gives me confidence for Alcatraz. So happy to see so many folks from MMTC after the race for hugs, chatting and good food. I've been enjoying everyone else's Race reports. It's like the sports pages tailored just for me ;)