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Race Result

Racer: Gwen Musk
Race: Columbia Triathlon
Date: Sunday, May 20, 2012
Location: Columbia, MD
Race Type: Triathlon - International Distance
Age Group: Female 45 - 49
Time: 3:10:45
Comment: 15 minute PR!

Race Report:

I decided this year Columbia would be my A race. My goal was to PR by 10 minutes.
I caught a serious head cold on Tuesday before the race. I felt really awful. Thanks to Lisa Farias suggestion to get a massage, I contacted Theresa to see if she could fit me in. I almost felt too sick to get myself there. She warned me it would speed up the cold and possibly make me feel worse. I thought that was not possible. I used the Neti pot several times over the next few days, and I went back and forth between feeling great, and not so great, and up to the night before was not sure what race day would bring.
Race day:
When I woke up with the alarm at 4:45 I felt really good and told myself to go for it and push myself as hard as I could; there was nothing to lose!
I was in the 4th wave with the 45+ ladies. Awesome!! Susie was there with encouraging words and hugs and I saw Jeanine and thought if I can just follow her I might stay on track and go faster.But she hung back near the ramp and I went out further to get acclimated.

Swim: 32:55 (last year 32:41)
I couldn’t see the buoys at all from the start because the sun was too bright, even with tinted goggles. All I could do was follow the crowd but somehow I ended up far left and the kayaker told me to get over. Once I got around the turns, I got into a rhythm. So good to see Bob Bartolo and Deb Saltz at the exit and I was having fun now!

T1: 3:49 (last year 4:55)
No problem getting off the wetsuit, I put a lot of Tri slide on at the Foggle area.

Bike: 1:31:40, 16.4 avg spd (last year 1:37:02, 15.7 avg)
Almost immediately I saw Deb Cooley and thought I would try to catch her. Just as I was about to make my pass, a car came up and I had to wait. It lingered there beside me a long time and I ended up drafting on Deb by accident. I only realized it then and thought Oh No, maybe it was an Official car and they stayed there to write my number down! I fretted about that for a few miles. Jeanine flew by me pretty early on and that surprised me because she’s a faster swimmer than I am. What was she doing behind me? I told my husband that I would make it to Ten Oaks traffic circle by 8:15 so I was on a mission to get there. I made it and he was there with shouts to ride hard and it gave me a huge boost and I passed two men in the wave before me. (55+ guys) I knew he’d wait there for me to come back so I tried to really push it on that loop. When I saw him again he was not in the same spot and surprised me, but I was in my big ring at that point so he couldn’t nag me later. I was having a great time!

T2: 2:14 (last year 3:17)

Run: 1:00:09 (last year 1:07:55)
Pushed it the best I could the entire time. I usually leave a lot at the end and then have this ridiculous sprint in the last mile that makes me sore for days. This time I decided to leave it all out on the course and just barely make it back. No slowing down to drink, I would just grab a cup and pinch it
This has been an awesome year for training and I’ve met so many new friends in the club . I love hearing GO MID MARYLAND on the course! I used to feel so alone in the crowd in races. No more!
Oh, and no drafting penalty after all!