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Race Result

Racer: Roger Stott
Race: Celebration Sprint Triathlon
Date: Sunday, June 24, 2012
Location: Columbia, MD
Race Type: Triathlon - Sprint
Time: 1:45:15
Overall Place: 69 / 855
Age Group Place: 12 / 73
Comment: PRs for Swim, T1, Bike, T2, and Run!

Race Report:

I’d ruled out triathlon years ago because I consider myself not much of a swimmer and not much of a biker, so it seemed silly/crazy to start a sport where I only liked one of three activities! But then, somehow I ended up treading water in Centennial Lake at 7:12 a.m yesterday morning thinking the following:

1. Holy crap - there’s a lot of dudes in gray caps that are all about to start at once. I do not want to get run over.
2. The last time I was in this lake (22 years ago) I got a raging double ear infection. I am talking days and days of codeine. Ahh, memories.
3. Mirrored googles. Yeah, that would be nice because I can’t see anything.
4. I’ve trained and this my ‘A’ race this year. I am ready. (Technically, my only race as of that moment, so...’A’ race it is!)

Swim: 20:17 (New PR!)

I hung a bit outside and behind so as not to get run over or kicked too much. That was my main fear/concern and it went reasonably well, but the sun at 7 a.m. made it almost impossible to see. So, I just followed the people in front of me and hoped they had more experience than me at sighting. The glare was so bad that I couldn’t make out the buoys until I was fairly close, let alone know what color they are. I had to stop and look for people making the first left so I didn’t swim into the dam! I settled down after the turn and managed to put together some strokes without sighting so often. I was really happy with the swim since it was my first ever and I finished it.

T1: 2:46 (New PR!)

One amusing attempt, 10 hours before the race, at mounting my bicycle with shoes already clipped in made me quickly realize that’s a bad idea for me without some real practice! Uneventful. I’m sure I could do it a bit faster.

Bike: 56:40 (New PR!)

This went well and faster than any training ride, so I’m pretty happy with it. I’m looking forward to getting my own bike soon as I was on my third borrowed bike of the last couple months, but happy to be on a road bike and not my hybrid, so I really appreciated those loaners.

Totally blown away by the athletes hand-cranking up those hills. Just damn impressed by that dedication, effort, and athleticism.

T2: 1:27 (New PR!)

Rack a bike, switch shoes, grab a hat and we’re gone. Not much to say about this, but it was a PR!

Run: 24:07 (New PR!)

Felt great going out and probably went out a bit fast and the second mile suffered a bit. Appreciated the cheering and water stops - it gets kinda lonely up past the skate park on the back-side and that makes you appreciate any bit of clapping and support all that much more. (I can only imagine it gets wayyy lonelier in a longer race.)


It was a great day and I don’t know how the event could have been better managed from start to finish. I appreciated all the volunteers and the MMTC support tent - thank you so much!