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Race Result

Racer: Lynne Galiatsatos
Race: IronGirl Columbia
Date: Sunday, August 19, 2012
Location: Columbia, MD
Race Type: Triathlon - Sprint
Time: 3:01:03
Overall Place: 1497 / 1657
Age Group Place: 62 / 73
Comment: I finished and wasn't last

Race Report:

Swim 33:11
T1: 3:27
Bike: 1:24
T2 1:48
Run 57:11
Total: 3:01:03

My last IG and first tri was 2009 so I had three goals this year:
* Finish
* No backstroke
* Improve overall time

Well I achieved two out of three. And while finishing is great, improvement in time would’ve been better. We all talk about the fact that at least we’re out there, and we did the race, but lets be honest, we are all a little competitive if with no one other than ourselves. So yes, I’m happy I finished, but overall I wasn’t happy with my race. But to me that’s ok, it gives me the reason to say, OK what can I do better and how CAN I get these numbers down.

At first I thought, gee I’ve really trained this year as compared to my first IG how come I’m slower? Well when I step back and look at it, yes, I’ve trained, but I’ve really been concentrating on the swim and that was the one area where my time improved.

My first IG I did it totally with elementary backstroke. This year almost all free with a little breast stroke thrown in to sight and get out of people’s way. Swim time improved by 4 minutes. I thought, based on a long swim the week before (in the pool) that I could go sub 30 and I probably could’ve if I’d pushed a bit. But the OWS still makes me a bit nervous. Plus when you have people from two waves behind you passing, well it’s a bit discouraging. But I did it and did improve.

Another improvement. First IG T1 was 5:29. This year I had a great bike rack spot, 1st row near bike exit so the bike was easy to find. Glasses, helmet, racebelt on. Socks were a bit tougher even with talc and I ended up having to sit to get the shoes on. And I said forget gloves.

I knew this would be slower than IG1 because I hadn’t been on the bike much and well I’ve put on a few pounds which is a killer on Mt. Alpert and the other hills. I also had a great plan for food because I didn’t want to be starving on the run, so I thought maybe a peanut butter sandwich. Well not such a good idea. You think the gels and chomps are hard to get down, think PB and wheat bread stuck in your mouth trying to get that last climb on Homewood. Throw in some water – and YUM. HA.

Another improvement. I cut that one in half. Thanks for the speed laces tip Jill. Plus all I had to do is swap shoes and helmet for MMTC hat, grab my nutrition bag and go. I was feeling good.

This sucked, plain and simple. I was so ready mentally to beat my time of 49. My legs must not have gotten the mental message because they said “I don’t think so”. I saw so many MMTC people on the run. Yep they were passing me and giving me encouragement – thank you all. I have no idea what was up with the shins. They just locked up. Hydration maybe. Who knows, but I do want to thank everyone along the route who cheered because that did help. Thanks for the high five yellow man on Gatorade Hill. I’d jog a bit which would feel better but then that would fail. Then my left thigh kicked in and said it wanted to join the pity party and started feeling tingly. So I kept on walking and limping along. But before the finish line I said, OK I can at least run in, and yep I did. Full out sprint and guess what – the legs were happy and so was I. A few minutes at the MMTC tent and my legs returned to normal and not a pain since. I guess they just decided Sunday was a good day to go on strike. I will have a good talk with them before Rocky Gap.

I’m grateful for the MMTC family and support. I absolutely loved racing in MMTC gear.

Next up Rocky Gap. Goal to beat IG Columbia time --- which I’d better do since all three legs are shorter. However, since this will likely be wetsuit legal, that T1 time might be a bit tricky. I have visions of flopping around trying to get the suit off, so tips are welcome!