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Race Result

Racer: Sergio Vazquez
Race: Columbia Triathlon
Date: Sunday, May 20, 2012
Location: Columbia, MD
Race Type: Triathlon - International Distance
Age Group: Male 35 - 39
Comment: All Three Goals Accomplished

Race Report:

Time: had to be before 11 because McDonald’s was still serving breakfast

Overall Place: Couldn’t be that bad, my medal looked the same as the top finishers

I had three goals for this race: 1. Have fun, 2. Finish, and 3. Have fun.

Going into this race, I was not as well prepared as last year. We always find an excuse, and mine is that my wife got pregnant. Well, I guess I had something to do with it, right? To be the supportive husband that I am, I gained as much weight as she did. She lost hers in two hours of labor, I have been working for five months to get it off.
Race day, like everybody else, woke up early, nothing fancy, I like to eat a bagel and keep hydrating, then off to the park. Normal routine, check on my bike, it’s still there, good. I did a quick set up and grabbed my wetsuit, and headed off to the start line. I hung out for a few minutes with my MMTC family.

That’s one thing I always felt confident about is my swim. The week before, I did the Masters One mile swim in 35 minutes, so I felt good about it. On this one, everything started well, but on this race someone kept moving the buoy! I know I was swimming straight, but every time I looked up it was in a different place. I got through it, felt good getting out of the water, took the wetsuit off without a problem, grabbed my cool aero helmet (it’s so cool, you gotta check it out) and off I went!

Legs felt good, kept on going, and smooth sailing for, oh, at least the first mile or so. I love my new bike—this is my first year using a tri bike, but unfortunately Trek sold me a defective one. It’s wicked fast downhill, 45+ MPH hour, but goes to a dead stall uphill. Like 5 MPH. I’m sure it’s not the engine.
But I’m having fun riding along, and everyone’s so nice on the road, then Sheila caught me on one of the hills, and we leapfrogged each other for at least 10 miles. Eventually the race officials did not like me chatting, and riding too close, he kept staring at me and looking at me up and down like I stole something! I asked if him he liked my tattoos, I told him they’re real, but he wrote down my race number and penalized me. I was like, “Really?? I’m doing 5 miles per hour!” Even Bruce Chambliss, when he passed me, yelled, “You got aero bars! Use them!” I replied, “I’m going 4 miles per hour! Do you think it will help??”
Eventually I got to my next downhill, in time for Moe to try and catch me. I had 30 seconds of glory when I smoked him downhill.
Finally I get back to 108, and I knew it was almost over. I got into the park without any issues, put shoes and race belt on, and off I went.

I decided to just stick to Zone 1, which I figured is better than Zone Dead. The first guy to reach me on the first hill in the park is Mario, who took the hill like it was flat. So I think someone should do a drug test on that dude.
I kept on going and I hear, “Is that you Sergio?” and I see Mark Yost passing me on my left. All I could think was “Oh my God! Mark Yost knows my name!” And as all the MMTC members passed me they gave me nice encouraging words. Finally I made it out of the park, and the water stop outside the park is when I hear my name again. “Hey Sergio, aren’t you going to wait for me?” I laughed out loud, who’s asking me to wait?? I’m barely moving! I turned around to see Mr. Bryan McMillan. He asked if I was ok and I said, “can’t you see I’m not moving?” We were both cramping so we decided to stick together, walk up the hills, and run the flats. You all know the course. There was no running…except when we tried to sprint when Aleah flew by. That lasted one second. Then here we go again, chatting with Bryan and talking about what we’re going to eat and drink after the race, then more people passed us, so we tried to run again. I was so appreciative he stayed with me, I thanked him over and over. He said we would finish it together. I wanted to cross the finish line holding hands. He said he would, but as soon as we got back into the park, he took off and left me. My heart was broken.
But I was ok, I knew I was almost there, only a couple more miles to go. I kept going and crossed the finish line.
On a serious note, I did accomplish all my goals. I had a blast, I finished the race, and had an awesome time. This race was made so much fun by the MMTC family that cheered me on, gave encouraging words, and worked on Gatorade Hill. This is my second year in this club and I wouldn’t change it for anything.