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Race Result

Racer: Kelly Collins
Race: Columbia Triathlon
Date: Sunday, May 20, 2012
Location: Columbia, MD
Race Type: Triathlon - International Distance
Age Group: Female 40 - 44
Time: 4:06:13
Overall Place: 1646 / 1684
Age Group Place: 91 / 96
Comment: Felt good even though final time was more than I had hoped for!

Race Report:

Overall, super happy with my first Olympic Distance Tri today. Thrilled with my swim (33.13), felt good with the bike (1:47:08), wheels fell off on the run. Literally, my body broke down. No excuses here. The run is my weakest discipline at this point. It was ugly most of the way… but something felt more off than usually. At the 5 mile mark, I had my first asthma attack of my life. Not a great time to have one. I was on schedule to finish the run in 1:20:00, but ended up finishing in (1:37:34). As I was crawling, I mean running through the shoot, I had another full-blown asthma attack. So, a shout out to all my friends who have asthma… this was not a good experience for me and hopefully I will never have to relive the experience.

Swim (33:13) Ok… on to a more detailed experience. The swim… felt good overall. It was rough for the first 5ish minutes. My wave had 40-44 year old women… but we also had 15-24 year old women. There was a lot of grabbing and hitting, swimming over and jockeying for position. When we reached the first turn buoy, I was able to get some separation and felt good the rest of the way. Again, I was hoping for a time around 34 (and that would have been great) so to actually beat that is awesome for me.

T1 (5:27) - Had a little issue with my socks on my wet feet and my right shoe needed some adjustment, but overall I feel good with the 5:27 T1.

Bike (1:47:08) – I felt good on the bike. It took me a few minutes on 108 to feel ok and in control. I didn’t go all out up the hills because I really wanted to save my legs for the run. I made lots of quick friends with people out on the bike… and I love that! People are so friendly and encouraging. When I was coming up 108 near the park entrance, I finished strong… a guy near me told me how impressed he was that I was finishing strong. Yea… loved to hear that. Our coach Liz always tells us to finish strong… so I wanted to make her proud!

T2 (2:54) – Quick in and out… for me at least!

Run (1:37:34) – All hell broke loose. As soon as I left transition, a toe on my right foot cramped up. SO… that added to my misery. The run was slow… but throughout most was on pace for me to finish it at 1:20. Never felt great on the run. It was lonely out there on the course with little spectators or participants. This course tried to break me. Physically during the run, I kept thinking my body was breaking down. My right kidney area was killing me… and then the dreaded asthma attack. Since I hadn’t experienced it before… I thought at first I was starting to cry. Couldn’t take a breath…. But with little people on the course at this time, I felt my best bet was to get to the finish line. I don’t remember much about the end of the run. It was painful…. scary actually. The doctors and staff of CTA were wonderful. Really took care of me… and I am thankful for that!

Overall summary: So pleased with my swim and bike. I am happy that all the time I put into training for those disciplines paid off. Obviously disappointed that the run went down the way it did. But… it gives me something to work on. I hope CTA mixes the wave assignments next year so I am not in the last wave again. The course is lonely out there… and the heat was tough to manage. It was pretty darn hot after noon. I take away from this experience that I am tougher mentally and physically that I ever gave myself credit for. There were times on the run that I could have packed it in… and I refused to give up. Every step hurt like hell… every breathe after mile 5 was shallow and difficult, but I was determined to finish that damn race (I probably should have went down on the run and had someone get me help)… but I am stubborn… more stubborn than I ever thought).

Total time: 4:06:13 (not what I had hoped for total time… but a hell of a good workout)!!!!!

I appreciate the journey I took with so many wonderful people. We are all a pretty rare breed that would give up so much time… go out and get beat down mentally and physically… but turn around and do it all over again.

Final note: Anyone up for a Tri in a place with no hills???