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Race Result

Racer: Lizzy Cowan
Race: Eagleman Ironman 70.3
Date: Sunday, June 10, 2012
Location: Cambridge, MD
Race Type: Triathlon - Half Ironman
Age Group: Female 25 - 29
Time: 5:55:56
Overall Place: 899
Age Group Place: 26
Comment: We'll be back!

Race Report:


Swim: 36:10
Bike: 3:00:15 18.64 mph
Run: 2:13:17 (10:34 / mile first half, 9:46/ mile second half)

T1: 2:33
T2: 3:41

The swim was so much fun. I was in the second to last wave, at 8:22. I got to start with my friend Laura. My mom was in the wave after me, so she, Kate, Susie and Dawn all saw us off! When we were treading water waiting to start, all the girls were wishing each other good luck and we were telling each other that we would try not to kick each other. It was a really nice group and they did not kick me around too much! I had decided not to wear my wetsuit because I hate it so much. Maybe it would have made me faster, I don’t know. It felt great in the water. The temperature felt perfect. I thought I would have felt hot in my wetsuit and I don’t like how it feels on my neck. The water was getting a little choppy by the time my wave went off at 8:22 and I felt like a current was pushing me around a bit.

I took my time in T1 and put on my socks and sunblock. I was excited to get out on the bike. I tried to drink sooo much while I was riding because it was already over 90 degrees. I think I eat too much on the bike but I am not sure. I ate three honey stinger waffles because they are delicious! Chocolate, strawberry, and vanilla! I think I ate a gel too. At one point my bike computer thing said it was 95 degrees. I saw a couple of girls in my age group pass me early in the bike even though I was going over 20 mph! But I was just racing for myself and tried to keep up a high cadence. I wanted to stay somewhat near 20 mph as much as I could. The wind was not nearly as bad as it has been other times I have ridden the course. I rode the course 4 times since March and also did the Six Pillars Century. It helped me so much to practice on the flats. It is so different than a race like the Columbia tri. It was really nice to know what to expect and which roads tended to be more windy. I could not stay in my aero bars the whole time because it hurts my back after awhile, so I just took breaks and sat straight up a lot. I don’t know if this is an issue of bike fit or what. I would love to be able to stay in the aerobars for the whole 56 miles. Maybe next year! The bike was a lot of fun. I saw Linda G. near the boat store. I biked the course for the first time with Linda (and Hector!) in March so it was cool to see her out there. I saw a dead snake and also a groundhog ran in front of me and jumped into a bush. I saw one lady pee on the bike and I was very impressed because I can’t do it! She was even peddling at the time! On the home stretch, we could see the runners. I thought that they all looked so miserable!!! I was really not looking forward to the run!! Of course Roseann was the only one I saw at that point who looked happy and looked like she was running fast! When I got back to the park, I was excited because I thought I met my goal of breaking three hours on the bike but oh well I was 15 seconds off. I was happy with that.

Again, I took my time in transition to put on more sunblock and change my socks. When I started running I was surprised that I actually felt great! I had been so worried about this run for ten days before the race because I had been having pain in my right foot when running and I was worried that I had a stress fracture. I did not run or do much of anything for the week leading up to the race but the pain did not go away until I got a sports massage from Nic Ebright and he cured me! It was a miracle! I went to the podiatrist too and the podiatrist said it is not broken, just take some ibuprofen and go for it! I had planned to switch to the aquavelo until I saw Nic and then the doctor on the Friday before the race. This made me so happy during the whole run because I was so grateful just to be out there and able to do the race. My run time includes two porta pot breaks and also at mile 2 I sat down on a curb, took of my socks, and put body glide on my feet to try to prevent the horrible blisters that I could already feel forming! I guess it did not work because every step of the run was horribly painful and it felt like the entire bottoms of my feet were blisters, but I was so happy that the other foot pain wasn’t there that I just kept running anyway. Thank you so much to MMTC for the posts about putting ice in the hat and sports bra. That really saved me on the run. I could not have made it through the race without doing that! I had sooo much ice in my hat at all times that I really did not feel very hot. The run was fun because I saw so many people that I knew from Mid Maryland and Team Fight and we got to encourage each other and cheer each other on. I ran with Roy, Mark, and Kim at different points of the run. I saw Lisa running super fast of course! I ate a snow cone. I ran through sprinklers. It was really great except for the blisters!!! 10:10 mins/mile may not be fast but I am proud of my ten minute miles because it was really a mental exercise for me to run through the pain. I focused on feeling grateful to be out there and definitely was praying to get through it. My last two miles were my fastest and I was so happy to see that I was going to break my goal of six hours. It was a great feeling to cross the finish line and see Aleah cheering for me! Thanks to Jim for helping me train!!!

Please does anyone have any tips for preventing blisters? I bought these socks from Road Runner Sports that said 100% guarantee no blisters. They lied! I am still hobbling around because of the blisters, but I know I got off easy yesterday because my friend Larry collapsed and went to the hospital because of the heat, and right after I finished I found out that my mom was in the hospital. I was so scared! I did not know what had happened to her and it was awful. She had fallen at mile 40 and it broke her collarbone. By coincidence, my friend Larry was at the hospital and ended up driving her back to the park when they were both released. So soon after I found out what happened and was very upset, my mom was back at the park and smiling, talking about racing Eagleman next year, with her arm in a sling and her shoulder and leg bandaged up. I had thought that she might want to quit doing triathlons, but instead she was mad that she had to miss a few races! I am so sad that she is hurt but she continues to inspire me with her positivity! Thank you so much to Kate, Susie, and Aleah and everyone who helped my mom yesterday. We needed help collecting our gear because I couldn’t walk except by staggering around on my heels and my mom couldn’t carry anything. I don’t know what we would have done without the support of our club! We will be back next year! Sue should be back to racing by Irongirl and Savageman!