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Race Result

Racer: Mary Ciesluk
Race: Celebration Sprint Triathlon
Date: Sunday, June 24, 2012
Location: Columbia, MD
Race Type: Triathlon - Sprint
Age Group: Female 40 - 44
Time: 0:29:15
Comment: Swim Relay

Race Report:

First relay! Teamed with Heather Vahovich doing bike/run.

Relay wave was first - with the paratriathletes and physically challenged - so inspirational! We entered the water for an in water start - could not touch the bottom so it was perfect for doing some relaxing bobs before the start. It really helped to calm me. I was still breathing fast for the first 1/3 of the swim, but it was not as bad as at Tri-It. It was hard to see the buoys at first with the sun in our eyes, but I managed to stay on course well.

I did some breast stroke on and off, particularly in the first part to help see the buoys better. Eventually got into a 3-stroke bilateral breath pattern - was hoping for 5 as that seems to relax me a bit more, but couldn't get quite that calm. Based on my improvement on that from last time, I should be fine for Iron Girl.

I was worried when I saw the men start behind us. They had a 12 minute lag, but I was sure most of them would run me over, but only about 5 passed me and most near the end of the swim.

There was a lot of vegetation as promised, but about mid way into the swim it got very long and was brushing my face. My reaction? Laughing! I had to breast stroke for a bit to get the giggles out and the lifeguard even asked if I was ok - I told him I just couldn't get over the seaweed - it was funny to me for some reason.

Eventually got back into it and swam to the exit, ran across the timing mat and up to transition - I was able to run the whole way in my bare feet and when I got to the racks I looked for Heather where her bike was racked and then I saw her already unracked and waiting. I switched the timer to her and she was off!

It looks like for the all-female relay teams, my swim time was 10/18 - not bad! I was expecting the swim to take me 30-40 minutes - hard to guess as I've only timed myself in a pool at shorter distance. I told myself it I got 30 I'd be thrilled and I surpassed that but a bit - woohoo! The swim was 0.62 mi.

Our over all times were as follows.
Overall: 35/55
Division: 8/18
Gender: 18/39
Swim: 29:15.04
T1: 1:41.09
Bike: 1:05:20.04
T2: 2:06.02
Run: 36:29.07
Total: 2:14:54

Things to work on:
1. continue to work on calming down in the first part of the swim.
2. remember this race and know that you can do this easily so no worries for IG!
3. time to start picking up the pace :)