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Race Result

Racer: Heidi Shoemaker
Race: Rev3 Quassy Half
Date: Sunday, June 3, 2012
Location: Middlebury, CT
Race Type: Triathlon - Half Ironman
Age Group: Female 25 - 29
Time: 6:15:54
Overall Place: 616 / 1067
Age Group Place: 11 / 22
Comment: Holy Hannah that was HILLY

Race Report:

Well, I have never been to CT, and I am so thankful I went. What a beautiful place. Connecticut, was originally not on my list of races for this year, but I had a conflict of interest with Eagleman and I needed to get in a half distance. I was able to drive down with Dean G. and Mike L. This was not only my first time doing Quassy, it was also my first Rev3 event. They did an awesome job.

Thankfully the weather was better than for those that raced the Olympic, the day before. Actually the weather was perfect.

After setting up my transition I ventured down to the sandy area to get on my wet suit. Before I left for the race that weekend, I remember reading an article saying the water temperature was 54 degrees. So naturally, I packed my long sleeve suit. Apparently, the article that I had skimmed over, was actually talking about the air temperature at night. Annoyed by my decision to bring my long sleeve wet suit, I had to race in 73 degree water. I was happy with my swim. It wasn’t my fastest but I felt consistent. What a beautiful lake.

Off to the bike. I was feeling pretty good. I knew the bike was going to be challenging, as everyone from the day before had reminded me a million times.

Let me begin my bike portion of this race report by saying how gorgeous the bike course was. Everything was so green, clean and all the locals were so friendly. Approximately 10 miles in, after already climbing what felt like 15 hills, we came to a long, long, long, long, did I say long, hill. When I looked down at my computer it said 8mph. All I could think was, if this gets any more hilly, I will never make it off this bike (and don’t forget this is only 10 miles in)

After riding only a couple more miles, back up hill we went. Then up hill again and again. At this point I was thinking, good thing this town is beautiful because it gave me something to look at (since looking at my bike computer was depressing). Finally there was an awesome down hill. I was going so fast (in aero) I was afraid to look at the computer. I finally took a quick peek, and read 42mph. What in the world, I have never gone that fast in my life. I was scared to death. I knew I shouldn’t be in aero, but I was too scared to move back to my handle bars. Once I reached the bottom, surprise-- it was time to go back up. I went from 42mph to 5mph.

I like to describe the bike as either vertical up or vertical down. By the end of the bike all I could think was, this makes the half full course look like a small child.
Finally back to transition, I was so excited to get my running shoes back on. All I wished for was a pretty run, and a course where I could just cruise. WRONG!!! Mile 3-6 was straight up. Well, let me take that back, I am exaggerating a little. It was more like mile 3-5 ¾. All I kept thinking was, well if you are not going to go fast at least keep moving forward. I went from an 8:30 pace to like 10:00. Not my best run

The race was very challenging. I am proud of myself mentally for pushing through even though I knew my pace was getting worse and worse. I am far from a hill climber and I have a lot to learn. And I like to think that the course was more of mountain climbs. So maybe I just need to learn how to ride mountains.

I am very thankful for all those out there racing and volunteering. The support was truly what pulled me through. I will spare you all the details from my post race extravaganza, but thank you to everyone who was there to help.

Thanks REV3 for putting on an awesome race. It was great to see MMTC and TeamFight out there. I highly recommend this Holy Hannah Hilly Race.