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Race Result

Racer: Tim Delss
Race: OBX Triathon - Olympic Distance
Date: Saturday, September 22, 2012
Location: Manteo, NC
Race Type: Triathlon - International Distance
Age Group: Male 25 - 29
Time: 2:24:22
Overall Place: 7 / 185
Age Group Place: 1 / 11
Comment: Tough swim but great race!

Race Report:

So I signed up for this race as a half distance race to finish my season and was looking forward to it. I then hurt my ribs about a month ago and was having trouble getting my training in and was just going to do this race as a training event. After doing the Savageman 30.0 last week as my first Olympic distance I decided that I had so much fun that I would drop down to the Olympic for this race as well. The race was Saturday morning so I left my house at 4am Friday to head down and meet up with Aldona, Beth, Lara, Liz, Laura, Raminta, Robin, Sara and Theresa who were all racing as well.

Swim: 31:16 - 2:05/100m (5 0f 11 AG)
What a tough swim! At packet pick up on Friday evening the race director said the weather looked good and it looked like we would have a calm swim. The swim is in a sound so it is essentially a bay swim so there are a lot of variables. I arrived at the race to find it was breezy and there were some white caps on the water. After swimming a 27 at Savageman the week before I was hoping to swim under 30 minutes but after watching the 1st person come out of the water for the half in a "slow" 30ish minutes I realized that I just needed to survive the swim! The water was very shallow for the 1st 200 meters or so and it was strange to be swimming out through people that were walking! I had trouble sighting with the choppy water and getting a good breath was a challenge but all in all I'm happy with my swim and extremely satisfied with the progress that I've made this year.

T1: 2:19 (3 of 11 AG)
Not sure what took so long here. It was a decent run to the transition area but I was slower than I would have liked.

Bike: 1:04:26 - 22.8mph (1 of 11 AG)
I was looking forward to this bike ride. It is a flat course although it wasn't a "fast" course like Eagleman. The rode out was very rough but manageable. There was a stretch that went over a 2.6 mile bridge over the sound with a "hill" so that boats could pass under the span but that was really all the elevation gain there was. The bridge was windy but with a tailwind on the way back over. There was also a stretch very similar to riding Smithville Rd. through Blackwater. Everyone was very attentive on this portion of the course as the race director warned us to be on the watch for rattlesnakes due to an infestation. Seriously?! I bet that was everyone's fastest part of the bike! The one benefit of being a mediocre swimmer is that there were plenty of people to pass on the bike! Since the course is out and back I got to see everyone from MMTC and pump each other up.

T2: 0:30 (1 of 11 AG)
Now that is more like it! I had the fastest T2 that was not a relay member. Last week I went with the flying dismount with shoes still attached and it worked except I had an issue getting my leg over my rear mounted water bottles. This time I brought the leg over the top tube instead and was able to hit the ground in a full run and fly through transition.

Run: 45:49 - 7:23/mile (3 of 11 AG)
My run was going to be my question mark. With the rib injury it really limited my run last week at Savageman and I was hoping since it was a flatter run I could go faster this week. I came off of the bike feeling a little flat which I think was a result of having to kick so much during the choppy swim. I settled into a pace just to where I could feel my ribs but it was tolerable. I passed 2 men and a woman(relay) in the 1st mile and then started to get lonely. The run is also out and back and just shy of the 2 mile mark I saw the lead runner coming back. We exchanged hand waves and short words and continued on. I started county people coming back to see where I stood. As I came to the turn around I noted that I had counted 8 people, 6 males and 2 females. I was running 9th on the course and went out in the last wave! My legs started to get tired but I was able to maintain my pace. At around the 4 mile mark I caught a glimpse of the 8th person on course during a long straight stretch of road. I was closing but ever so slowly. I tried to run him down but could only get to within about 50 yards of him. I turned for the finishing shoot and saw the clock and did some quick math and realized I was coming in around 2:25. I was thrilled since I just wanted to go under 2:30! I got something to drink and then went back to cheer everyone on and then went to the awards ceremony. I found out that both of the women ahead of me were on relay teams and that I was 7th overall. Pretty happy about that.

I want to congratulate Liz Jacobson, Beth Olvey, Laura Parsons, Robin Kovach and Sara Wolfson for completing their first 1/2 distance races and also to Lara, Raminta, Aldona and Theresa for completing the olympic. Great job ladies!

Also if you are looking for a small race I would recommend this one. The volunteers are some of the best I have ever seen. There were lots of aid stations and the volunteers would call out early to see what you wanted and bring it out on the road to you. Very nice!