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Race Result

Racer: Brian Richards
Race: Half Full Olympic
Date: Sunday, October 7, 2012
Location: Columbia, MD
Race Type: Triathlon - International Distance
Age Group: Male 35 - 39
Time: 3:01:41
Overall Place: 21 / 223
Age Group Place: 3 / 23
Comment: Post Ironman Recovery?

Race Report:

I registered for The Half Full 40 three days prior to the race. I had completed my first ironman a week prior, but my recovery was going very well, and I really wanted to finish out my second year of triathlon donning the yellow and blue for Team Fight.

Obviously, there wasn't much race prep for this event... just made sure I had cleaned up my bike from the week before, located my Team Fight kit, and brought my parka for the "warm" weather... compared to last year, at least.

Swim - 27:52 (3/23, 41/223)

I cut 4 mins. off my time last year in this race, and I was ecstatic about my time last year! My swim is improving, but still not where I want it to be. Hope to cut it by 4 more mins. next year! My AG was the second to last wave in the olympic distance, so there was plenty of traffic in the water. In fact, according to Rev3's statistics with the time trial start, I went in the water ranked 111th and came out 31st. In some way, I guess that means I passed around 70 people in the lake. I must add that swimming 2.4 miles in the Choptank is better than .9 in Centennial any day.

T1 - 4:44

Everything was soaked.

Bike - 1:39:43 (3/23, 26/223)

I was freezing on the bike from the start as all of my layers were sopping wet. I have no idea why I didn't cover it all up before leaving transition prior to the race. It was definitely dangerous out there on the road, and I made sure to do what I could to prevent a crash at all costs. I took the turns very slowly and even slowed on the downhills. Plus, as I hit the many hills on this course, my legs quickly reminded me that I had raced an ironman a week earlier. It was difficult getting up the hills and the cold didn't make it any easier as my muscles were not as warm as I would have liked them to be. I managed to get back to the park unscathed, so that's a win in my book.

T2 - 1:48

Run - 47:36 (1/23)

I was very happy with my run. I could barely run up the hills as my quads were incredibly tight. However, I pushed through it and ran a decent 6.5 miles. I even negative split the run.. the first 3.1 miles was at a 7:32/mi pace, but the last 3.4 miles was at 7:08/mile.

I am glad I decided to participate and raise a few more $$ for Ulman. Despite the weather, this is a great event year after year. It was rewarding to race one last time in the 35-39 AG with "The Bram" (good luck in the 40s bud!) and alongside many other MMTCers.

Bring on the winter training and Eagleman and IMLP next year. Can't. Wait.