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Race Result

Racer: Tracy Cumberland
Race: Osprey Triathlon
Date: Saturday, October 6, 2012
Location: Public Landing, MD
Race Type: Triathlon - Sprint
Age Group: Female 45 - 49
Time: 1:39:24
Overall Place: 146 / 373
Age Group Place: 3 / 20
Comment: First Podium!

Race Report:

The osprey was my first tri in 2008, so it has special memories. I signed up 2 weeks ago to go with a gal from church who was competing for the first time. I did not know what to expect as I had swum only a handful of times since IMFL last fall and had not done a brick since June. I drove down that morning and pre race activities were smooth. I got a great bike rack location, as it is first come first serve.

Swim: 16:29 (8/20 AG, 229/373 OV)
The chop and current were more severe than years past . When I arrived the current was pulling in, but the tide shifted during the 3 hours and it was going out when we raced. I came off the first right turn buoy with a wide turn and had to recover against the current. I found feet to follow the first leg, not the second. When I exited the swim, my foot landed on the duck tape holding the carpet and down I went on my bum, rolling on my side, and almost falling off the platform. Did the Trislide on the feet make it more slippery? It took me a minute or so to regroup or I may have come out the water in 4 or 5th in my AG. I should not swim more often????

T1: 48 (1/20 AG, 6/373 OV)
Went smooth. Wet suit off, helmet on….

Bike 51:02 (4/20 AG, 160/373 OV)
I concentrated on putting tension on the pedals. Hardest part was trying to remember to keep the tension. A couple of times I found myself lolli-gagging along. I passed 24 women (2 AG) and only 4 passed me. I passed a bunch of dudes, too. My commitment to more biking this year paid off. I was so cool saying “on your left” so many times. My heart rate was really high though. (Most of the time was Z4)

T2 :43 (1/20 AG, 25/373 OV)
Left shoe on right foot, helmet caught in sunglasses dangling from head, ran to swim in instead of run out, but still managed a good transition. First time I was first in T1 and T2.

Run: 30:29 (9:49 min/mil) (7/20 AG, 185/373)
I took off hard, but the legs did not respond. Oh the lack of bricks…my heart rate was really high. I had to spit out the water near T2 cause it would not go down. I backed off a little, but tried to keep the pressure on. At the turn around, I saw a bunch of skinny girls just behind me. I used my mantra, “the skinny girls are coming, the skinny girls are coming”. I judged my effort based on nausea. When I got nauseated (happens after a couple of minutes of Zone 5), I backed off. The last third of mile, I just mentally fought the nausea. My Garmin said the last mile was 8:20, but I don’t think it was. I looked over my shoulders. I left the skinny girls in the dust!

Post race: I was shocked that I got third! They had wraps, treats, and drinks for post race food. I stayed for my award and saw many others (5?) MMTCers get their awards. MMTC had a good showing on the podium. I drove to Pennsylvania to a friend’s husband’s surprise 50th birthday party. She surprised him with a Harley and live band. It was a great day!