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Race Result

Racer: Dave Wheeler
Race: Diamond in the Rough Triathlon
Date: Saturday, July 8, 2006
Location: Perryville, MD
Race Type: Triathlon - International Distance
Age Group: Male 40 - 44
Time: 2:25:10
Overall Place: 136 / 277
Age Group Place: 18 / 36
Comment: Duathlon this year but still a great race and happy with results.

Race Report:

Diamond in the rough Triathlon (Duathlon this year), July 8th 2006.

Bill Wheeler, my brother from another mother, and I went up Friday afternoon to camp at a great campsite near the course and get in a preview ride. The weather was perfect for camping, nice and cool. We got the campsite set up and headed to the race venue to check in and begin our ride.

Check-in no problem, then off for the preview ride. A little rocky start, I got a flat leaving the parking lot, and after some adjustments (Bill with his magic sidewall repair using a dollar bill), we finally were on our way. This was a nice easy ride, I felt great, which is more than I can say for Bill. Bill was complaining of a headache, which did not improve as we rode. By the end of the ride, Bill was pretty quiet. Thatís when he mentioned some bad turkey he had for lunch. We finished a little before 8:00 pm and I took care of a few things while Bill was working through his bad turkey.

I was really feeling for Bill at this point. I drove back to the campsite and picked up some pasta and meatballs, chicken wings, chips, coke (I was really hungry). Bill sat in the car feeling bad, I got him a big coke to ease his stomach.

Back at camp Bill went straight to his tent to sleep off the turkey; I ate the pasta & wings, which were great. Got my stuff ready for the morning and was just hanging out. At about 11:30 Bill started stirring and feeling better. He ate the rest of the pasta and wings and HE WAS BACK!

Morning of the race went great, got my stuff together and Bill and I drove to the race. In transition setup, I realized I forgot my socks. Oh well.

I was ready for the race start.

Run 1:

My target for the run was 7:00 min/miles. I went out with what felt like a good pace, breathing a little hard but keeping the pace. Checked my Garmin every so often and it looked like I was on track. Run time: 18:25 (7:22 pace). I am happy with this time.


My transition was a little slow because I did not have socks and my feet were sweaty. I had a little trouble getting the sneakers off and bike shoes on. T1 Time: 1:43.


I am very happy with the bike. I was back and forth with a few folks next to me, I decided to push harder and lost them for good around mile 8. I managed the hills well and was relieved to get to the top of the big hill for the cruise down Frenchtown road. Bike time: 1:22:01 (19.8 avg. mph - PR). Best of all,I beat Bill's bike time by 5 seconds, if only I could run faster.


T2 also a little slow, more trouble with the sweaty feet, but not terrible. T2 time 1:20.


I tried to maintain and 8:00 min/mile pace, but just did not have it. I am happy with the time considering how hard I pushed on the Bike. I had some blisters from the sockless run but it did not slow me down. Run Time: 41:42 (8:21 pace).

Final: 2:25:10

This was one of my most enjoyable races yet. Camping out with Bill and the easy preview ride was just a blast. I really felt good with the easy ride. I think Bill told me we paced at around 13 to 14 mph for the ride. It loosened up my legs and we got to take in all the scenery and I felt great during the race.