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Race Result

Racer: Bill Wheeler
Race: Diamond in the Rough Triathlon
Date: Saturday, July 8, 2006
Location: Perryville, MD
Race Type: Triathlon - International Distance
Age Group: Male 40 - 44
Time: 2:18:55
Overall Place: 104 / 374
Age Group Place: 9 / 36
Comment: Diamond In The Rough Duathlon

Race Report:

I planned on camping out Friday night at Susquehanna State Park so I took off work and decided to drive down during the afternoon. I made plans to meet up with Dave Wheeler later on and ride the course to scout for obstacles and whatnot. That morning when I got up I noticed that the fridge was cracked open a few inches. Not an uncommon occurrence with a 9 and 11 year old. Before heading down in the afternoon I made myself a big@ss turkey sandwich on wheat. Yeah sure the turkey was a bit slimy (guess it didnít stay cool in the fridge for some reason), but hey I was hungry.

Race Site:
I got down around 2:00 pm. I went to check out the water and it was a MESS! Iíd have to say it was about the nastiest brown water Iíve ever seen. And yes there were chunks of timber floating about. There was no way theyíd let us swim. Word came later after they tested for bacteria that it was WWWAY to high to let anybody swim. It measured 900 CRUís. A maximum of no more than 200 CRUís is needed to allow human contact. CRU: Crap Units. At least they called it early so we didnít need to worry about it overnight.

Pre-race Ride:
Boy my head was pounding. As weíre riding we came to the low part of the course Route 222 that leads into downtown Port Deposit. If you looked left, at was now just a fast running stream, you could see the mud line on the over hanging tree limbs caused by the high flood water during all the recent rain. I would estimate that at that particular point we would have been in about 3 to 5 feet of water. Timbers where piled high on the right side of the road, I would have hated to be in that town during the rains.

We finished the ride around 8:00 pm or so and I yacked my guts outs from my bad turkey sandwich earlier that day. I couldnít even drive so I had to let Dave drive the Blaxima back to the campsite. I remember drinking some coke and falling into my tent. Next thing I remember it was 11:30 pm and I felt like a new man!

Night Time Feeding:
Dave had about 2 pounds of left over pasta and sauce and some chicken wings. There was no sense letting that go to waste, so I made short time of it. There was no need to make a trip to the dumpster as I ate the utensils and plates also! I was about to go on a Rambo hunt for some wild rabbit, luckily I donít have a Rambo knife it could have gotten truly ugly! I finished the rest of my coke, turned over and called it a night.

Race Day:
I brewed some morning coffee at the campsite, ate a blow of cereal and we were ready to rollout out to the park. There were tons of familiar faces in the crowd. I really was feeling in tip top shape and couldnít wait for the start. After a hard sprint warm up I was ready! BRING IT!

The first run was easy and I felt like I held back. I ended up with a 6:40 pace for what ended up being 2.5 miles. I was pumped, it really didnít feel like I pushed hard at all, the bike should be easy.

Roadie: one who exclusively rides road only as their only physical activity, sometimes rather snobbish to more well rounded athletes such as us Triathletes.

I was having sooo much fun being a Roadie after the Columbia Tri that I wanted to do this race without my aerobars. It was going to be Roadie Stylie all the way.

OUCH, that first run did take some time to get over. I finally got my bike legs after about 3 miles. My cadence came up and I was feeling Roadie normal again. The hills where all mine today, but I was definitely losing time on the few flats without the aerobars. No big deal I was feeling great and having a great time. When we got to that sonofabitch they call a hill at mile 20 I was still feeling good. I scorched it! I sat and spun at about 90 rpms all the way to Mt Ararat Road. I passed all and left them in my wake. BOOYA! Yeah, I was feeling like a real Roadie nose in the air and all. ;-) (Hopefully I will be able to out run the Karma Police to the bike finish)

As I dismounted at the bike finish I could feel the KP nipping at my calves. FU Karma Police Iím running now! Catch me if you can! The run started a bit slow 8 minute first mile. Then music to my ears came running by. I could hear his quick cadence and decided Iíd stay on his heels for as long as I could. We immediately started passing other runners at very good rate. I was surprised that I wasnít having any problems keeping his pace, and no more cramps (guess the KP couldnít hang). My pace man had to take a potty break and that left me on my own for a bit, but then he passed me again and I held on once more to the finish. I finished with a 7:30 pace for the last run. Not bad at all and Iíll take it.

Pace Times:
1st run 2.5 at 6:40 pace
Bike 27 miles at 19.7 mph
2nd run 5 mile at 7:30 pace
Total time 2:18:55

It was a good dayÖ..until Dave Wheeler told me he beat me on the bike leg by 5 frigginí seconds! Aaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrg! ;-)

Enjoy the rest of the year all!