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Race Result

Racer: Loretta Trumble
Race: Half Full Olympic
Date: Sunday, October 7, 2012
Location: Columbia, MD
Race Type: Triathlon - International Distance
Time: 3:53:49
Overall Place: 106 / 224
Age Group Place: 3 / 19
Comment: All about the experience....

Race Report:

Delayed RR - just getting caught up on "stuff"

The first HF was my first 70 mile race back in 2010. I was honored and excited to be a part of that race. While freezing in transition that morning, I figured I was “one and done” with racing this race and would volunteer in future years. That day was one of my favorite racing experiences and I was so moved, I signed up for the next year’s race when I got home that afternoon. Last year it was even colder and windier at race start and there was some light rain during the race. That was one of my toughest bike rides to date. Although I was sure I would not do it again, somehow at the finish, Sadj, Kim and I agreed to sign up for next year’s race – we would train and race together – it would be so much fun!

Fast forward to this year. My training after Eagleman was nonexistent until I started preparing for my first marathon which was supposed to be NYC (more about that in my marathon RR). Although I love this race, I was seriously undertrained and considered not racing, and just volunteering instead. I decided for a happy medium and followed Sadj’s lead to switch to the 40 mile distance.

I was looking forward to “participating” in the race and just enjoying a supported training day. With the pressure off, I was really excited to be a part of the race. With the added buzz surrounding Lance’s participation, the race day was even more electric.

Race day was even colder than last year. What happened to the 70 degree weather we had the weekend before? Despite the cold and the poor forecast, I was enjoying race morning – all the support from MMTC/TF, the wonderful Rev 3 experience and just feeling honored to be able to participate.

Swim – 39:17 (pathetic)

My swim training in 2012 consisted of a swim clinic in March, one pool swim in April, Eagleman in June and one swim at Lake Placid in July. That is right, 4 swims the entire year. My goal for the swim was to get through it.
Race started great as Sadj and I entered the water together after receiving hugs from Kim and JP. I love the time trial start! It was definitely more “crowded” than my experiences with the time trial start for the 70 mile distance in 2011 and 2010. My swim was slow and uneventful. I am not sure if the timing mats were in the same place as last year. According to my watch my swim was a within 2 minutes of last year’s. Given the lack of training and my lackadaisical approach to the swim, I was fine with my time. Came out of the swim 12/19 in division.

T1 – 8:46

Actually kind of comical! As we all know, it was cold and wet. I was not stressed about my time and knew it was important to be comfortable. I was doing well and was almost all set, until time to zip my MMTC bike jacket. It is a double zipper and I could not get it zipped. I struggled for at least 3 minutes on this. I was thinking through options: skip the jacket (not an option in 40 degree cold wet weather), wear something else – oh wait - I had no other tops/jackets in transition as I tried to keep decision making simple, ride with an unzipped jacket (not smart or warm or safe) or work on the zipper until I got it. Finally zipped!! (Lesson learned….zip up jacket ahead of time so that I can just pull over head to put on). Now gloves – this took another 2 minutes. Getting first one on wasn’t bad. Trying to get the second glove on when I am already exasperated, cold and wet was a struggle. I thought for a moment about skipping the gloves, and then I remembered last year when I forwent the gloves and shifting was painful and almost impossible. There was some very funny music playing that was a repetitive type of drumming or galloping and the woman across from me said “Is this some kind of joke – this music is stressing me out – making a mockery of me” I jogged out of transition thinking about my comical transition. It helped alleviate any worry or stress about the upcoming cold ride. It was also great to come out of transition and start the ride behind Aldona. Love doing races with MMTC/TF peeps and giving and getting shout outs to/from teammates along the way!

Bike 2:04 (15.4 mph)

Despite the rain and the cold, I felt relatively good on the bike. Had only been on the bike 3 times in the past 2 months, so I knew I would not be breaking any records. I did not want to crash on the bike nor did I want to “crash” on the run so I did not ride fast or hard and was a full 1 mph slower than last year. Surprisingly I gained ground on my fellow age groupers that I lost on my weak swim. Over the past 1-2 years, I have ridden a good bit in the rain which served me well at the HF. Came off the bike 7/19 in age group.
So glad to only be doing one loop.

T2 – 3:23

Better than T1 but still sluggish. I was just not in a rush for some reason. Stripped off the jacket, gloves and knee warmers, sat down so I could take off bike shoes, put sneakers on and take care of other bodily functions, then visor on and I was off.

Run – 57:14 (8:48 pace)

The first couple of miles were very painful because my feet were frozen. The second mile was really tough and I was mentally struggling. I have been working on my mental toughness the few weeks prior to HF. I somehow pulled it together and did what I seem to do best – negative split the run (9:02 first half and 8:35 second half). I felt like Mark Yost, chasing runners down and picking them off on the run. I do not think I got passed by any females. I moved up to 4/19 in my age group. Just like the past 2 years, Terry and Thomas were waiting for me near the finish. Thomas jumped in, grabbed my hand and ran up the finishers chute with me! Love this part of the race. I am appreciative of the fact that Rev 3 is family oriented and allows this special family time! It was awesome to have cancer survivors at race start and at the finish line handing out medals.

The fastest female in my age group was fast enough for a top 3 female finish overall, taking her “out” of our age group stats. That got me my first ever podium finish in a triathlon!
As always this race was about so much more than me, the clock or racing. Honored to be a part of something so special. Love the energy and the support. UCF and Rev 3 do a superb job!