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Race Result

Racer: Tanya Martof
Race: Eagleman Ironman 70.3
Date: Sunday, June 9, 2013
Location: Cambridge, MD
Race Type: Triathlon - Half Ironman
Age Group: Female 40 - 44
Time: 7:22:00
Comment: first 70.3

Race Report:

Finally got a chance to write something....

Teaser- never get the “smoking” room – even if it is the last room in Easton

This is my first race report and first half ironman. I’ve done many sprints and Columbia three times. I never really considered attempting this until Coach Liz asked me if I was interested last fall. The seed was planted. I signed up, not knowing exactly how I was going to pull this off. In December, I did Annapolis half marathon to get more comfortable with the run. In January, started training for Columbia and Eagleman. Goal- finish “event”

Prerace- Great friend, Joanna, came with me as my Sherpa. We stayed at Econolodge in Easton. I thought I could stand a smoking room, but it was disgusting. We settled in around 10pm and at 11pm we were woken up by a family yelling and shouting outside our room. We called down to the desk and the raucous finally stopped after fifteen minutes , which felt like forever. At 4 am someone knocked on our door looking for Bobbie Jo. Thankfully we were up already and said “wrong room.” I might have gotten four hours of sleep that night…

This was not my best swim. I put myself more left at the start since there were fewer people there and I tend to veer right a little. I remember reading a few days before the event- “if a kayaker is yelling at you, you should listen.” I heard a kayaker shout “ go right” and “ the current is taking you out- go right”. I listened. So I probably got a little off course on the swim and hence the time. Overall, it felt comfortable and I felt strong.
The bike felt good. I had biked it twice before. I had a cadence plan and nutrition plan. Ate a GU chomp every 15 minutes. Only had one water bottle and one bottle of endurolytes. I probably could have drank more. Amazed and thankful how little wind there was out there.
I was a little afraid of the run. My plan was go slow and steady and to get from one mile to the next, drink water at every station, and take a roctane every 3 miles or so. It felt like the turn around would never come. I was so happy to finally see the turn around, I think my pace picked ever so slightly on the second half. By that time I had the stations down to a science- pour ice in bra, pour water over head, and drink some water. So amazed how hot the course was on a “cool” day. At mile seven, I remember thinking I will never do this again...

All in all I am super happy just to have completed this race. This race is hard core. A year ago, this event wasn’t even on my radar as a possibility for me.
I am very thankful for my Sherpa Joanna- for all her support during race weekend and for being with me in that scary smoking room. Thankful for Coach Liz.- for her inspiration to attempt this and her training and sage advice along the way. I am thankful for husband, Mark- for all his support during the early morning training hours. I am thankful for the MMTC tent, where my Sherpa could hang out. Thanks!