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Race Result

Racer: Lynne Galiatsatos
Race: Anthem Half Marathon
Date: Sunday, March 17, 2013
Location: Virginia Beach, VA
Race Type: Run - Half Marathon
Time: 3:09:30
Overall Place: 7758 / 8469
Age Group Place: 166 / 208
Comment: Finishing is good, fast not necessary

Race Report:

Stretch goal: Under 3
Happy goal: under 3:15
Satisfied goal: Less than Baltimore (3:33)

So I had a happy almost stretch and I wasn't last :-)

I was really looking forward to a flat half, especially since I was very under trained. My longest run since October Half was 8.5 miles and most were 6 or less.

We went down on Saturday, had lunch at Big Sams on the inlet. If you get a chance check it out, the owner is a friend it’s a good local’s place. Went to the expo, got a free taping on my knee which I think helped in the race. We had a great dinner with MMTC folks.

The day started chilly and windy. Start time for the half was 7:00 but being in the slow group makes my start a bit later so there was a lot of shivering and re-evaluating the clothing choice. I liked this start better than Baltimore because they held back each corral and started them together. I started out with Jill with a 3/1 run/walk interval. Great first split and not too bad on the second. After that I decided that the 3/1 should be a walk/run interval. At the half way point it looked like under 3 was achievable and I started picking up the pace on the run and was doing a fast walk. I felt much better than Baltimore where my feet hurt from the start. I had a peanut butter sandwich on wheat and muscle milk for breakfast. I ate a Gu chomp every mile, took a gel at Mile 6 and of course beer around mile 11. Actually felt pretty good hunger-wise. Was hungry at the end and had a chocolate gu with a banana (close alternate to Nutella and banana).

Everything held ok until mile 8 and got worse after mile 10. At 10 my knee started bothering me. I think the taping from the expo did help, but I zigged when I should’ve zagged at mile 6 and tweaked something in the knee and well the numbers show it. The zig-zag was a result of taking pictures of the lighthouses. Even without pictures I wouldn't have made the stretch goal, closer but not there. So the picture memories are worth it.

Next up Iron Girl Half followed shortly thereafter Columbia Tri (my first Olympic). I need to train more, eat better, and stretch/roll my IT band to see if I can get the knee in shape.

Here are my splits…

Mile Pace
1 12:54.3
2 13:41.0
3 14:30.3
4 14:23.3
5 13:51.8
6 13:14.3
7 13:39.6
8 14:19.0
9 14:36.5
10 14:28.6
11 15:17.5
12 15:17.1
13 15:59.9