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Race Result

Racer: Susan Watson
Race: Eagleman Ironman 70.3
Date: Sunday, June 9, 2013
Location: Cambridge, MD
Race Type: Triathlon - Half Ironman
Age Group: Female 60 - 64
Time: 7:40:06
Age Group Place: 6 / 8
Comment: Army Field Hospital is Swanky

Race Report:

Deep in IMLP training I was treating Eman as a long training day. My goals were to manage my nutrition and go well under four hours on the bike. And of course finish the race. I met all my goals.

This race day was much cooler than my ill fated A/V last year. I guess its all relative. The run got pretty hot. I also had a new wetsuit. Last year I swam without and was still hot. Breakfast was a small cup of tea and some oatmeal.. Lizzy and I left Bethany in plenty of time and I consumed a bottle of CarboPro and Gatorade on the ride up. Lizzy graciously offered to drive. Got to the shuttle and to transition in plenty of time. Met Sister Madonna and felt great. Set up and took my wetsuit and bag to the MMTC tent. Thanks to all the volunteers. We can’t thank you enough. Things got a little frantic before the beginning of the race. The port o pot line was long and slow and that 7:05 start kept getting closer. Finally at the start with the wetsuit on. The one thing I regret is not putting on more sunblock.
Swim was fine. It was hard to see the buoys as they were far apart. I got waved back on course once. The next wave came up on me which caused some roiling in the water but ok. I consider myself a confident if not particularly fast swimmer. I got hot in the long sleeve long leg wetsuit and kept letting water in to cool off. it was fine other than that. I found out later that the swim was more like 1.4 miles so 53:24 was respectable. T1 is always a little slow getting out of the wetsuit and into bike shoes and socks. I like to wear bike gloves. Pushed through the mosh mud pit. i’ve never experienced that before so had no plan for that. Sharon M had the right idea. I could have easily hoisted my bike over my shoulder even though it’s not one of those fancy tri bikes. Still the shoes got muddy.
Pretty uneventful except for a bike crash at mile 22. Oh, my bike crashed but Iwasn’t on it. I was in the port a pot when a volunteer accidentally knocked over my bike and both wheels locked up. i just flipped up the brake levers and got going again. But some how could not get my speed back up over 20 mph. Not sure if it was the bike or the “engine” Also lost 3 gels that got knocked out of my bento box. i had a new aero bottle that I had tested at RBR and loved. I got some extra gels at the next aid station and was ok alternating CarboProGatorade from two water bottles in cages and gels and water. When I passed the spot of my 2012 mishap at about mile 39 I made sure to turn well and yup, I sure recognized that asphalt!! Egypt road needs repaving for sure. Just a bumpy ride. Tiring but its at the end. I was so happy to get off it that I speeded up a good bit on the last 8 or 9 miles. Bike fit was perfect. I was able to spend a lot of time in the aero position. Thanks Stoney. 3:29:32. Very happy with that. T2 was much better. Pulled on the lock laced shoes, (Thanks Suzy S), Grab and go.

My IMLP training is 7 running and 3 walking. I was really shocked that I was able to start running immediately out of transition and held my 7/3 pretty well the whole way. The water stops were well stocked with ice water gatorade and gels. i drank water and ate too many gels to count but it worked. Also gobbled Endorolytes. I finished the $20 bottle of them and will get Salt Stick now. I saw first, second, and third place way ahead of me on the run but it didn’t matter. Marge B (2d place and already Kona qualified) is a great friend and I was so happy for Christine McKnight who took the Kona slot . She finished 2d at IMLP last year so I hope to equal her race time in a few weeks. Also saw Lizzy finally. She was in the last wave so i didn’t expect to see her till late but then I started to worry and just then there she was. She ran ahead and finished strong. Mike Kloosterman was a great cheerleader as I was running the last mile. Thanks Mike. It was a thrill to run through the chute with Lizzy and get my medal from the amazing, friendly Andy Yost. Total time 7:40:06. That was 19:26 faster than my 2003 time at my first Eagleman. Happy about that.
Post race
So I met my nutrition goals. I gulped down my Recoverite at the tent and then did not feel like eating. Big big mistake. Elysia and Nicole were great and tried to get me to eat something. Maybe three bites of pasta salad totaal. I drank water. Oh great. No solid food for 10 hours and I’m not hungry. I went to the awards ceremony and started to feel hot. i went to sit in the shade and one thing led to another. I fainted from dehydration and was rushed to the Medical tent which was actually an Army field hospital staffed by volunteer army surgeons, nurses etc. Two bags of saline solution later and I was good as new. I am truly grateful that they were there. The soldiers were so funny and nice and didn’t judge us as crazies but were actually in awe of us. So glad we have medical support. Just never thought I would need it. (Last year I was out on the course when I crashed so went straight to the hospital.)
Lesson learned: Race nutrition doesn’t end at the finish line. That was my second choice of a Teaser.

I have nothing but gratitude for all the MMTcers and Team Fighters and other competitors for their encouragement during the race. Alice that means you!! Lizzy, who claims I’ve inspired her, has been an unending source of inspiration for me. My coach Lisa Farias seems to know just how much I can handle (not quite but II keep trying). Thanks Lisa. Feeling better about IMLP. Need some more work before the big day. See you all at Lake Placid.