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Race Result

Racer: Art Henry
Race: Rock N Roll 1/2 Marathon
Date: Saturday, March 16, 2013
Location: , DC
Race Type: Run - Half Marathon
Time: 2:13:35
Overall Place: 10482 / 19994
Age Group Place: 824 / 1208
Comment: Fun - but not again with RocknRoll

Race Report:

I tried a different style of training consisting of mostly speed work with the occasional long run. The concept being it's easier to recover and repeat short hard workouts than long runs. My outside goal was as close to 1:45 as possible but I knew that was going to be challenging but I should be able to make it in right at 2:00. I kept the 1:45 pacers in my sights for the first 5k but the started to slip back and knew I could sustain that pace. My splits went 5K 8:07 min/mi, 2nd 5K 9:06 min/mi, next 3.8 Mile to get me to mile 10 was at a 9:35 min/mi pace....and then the wheels came off. Right at mile 10 I started getting leg cramps and was slowed to a jog, stretch, walk, jog pattern. My last 3.1 I dropped to a 14:10 min/mi pace. I think I need to add a few more long runs but my training format seemed to work out okay.

Now here's why I wouldn't do it again with RocknRoll, my experience was fine, I didn't care for the finish where you're basically herded through the "celebration" area. However another incident is why it's unlikely I'll do another RocknRoll race event. In a word they are shady. They diverted marathon runners ahead of schedule. Per their rules the cutoff is 5.5hrs after the last person starts, yet they diverted runners well ahead of that as a runner who finished in 5hrs was diverted. What makes this even worse is they haven't told many runners, so a lot of folks think they ran the whole course when they were short by 1.5mi. Even worse my friend inquired about his placement and instead of a worthy explanation they just re-categorized him from the diverted category to the full category (look at the results between diverted & marathon How is it that runners could finish a diverted course in sub 5hr and other runners finish in 6hr+ on the full course. The later runners would have had to been diverted also, since they would obviously be behind. This episode felt like a money grab with little concern for the sport or the runners and for that reason it's unlikely I'll repeat.