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Race Result

Racer: Eric Remoy
Race: Anthem Half Marathon
Date: Sunday, March 17, 2013
Location: Virginia Beach, VA
Race Type: Run - Half Marathon
Age Group: Male 40 - 44
Time: 1:44:45
Overall Place: 773 / 8469
Age Group Place: 93 / 533
Comment: Great event, fast course, very well supported

Race Report:

So, I went into this race without a strategy or a real plan. I figured it was going to just be a tune-up for the Tri season and see where I am at on my running strength. I signed up for it a long time ago and in the last couple of weeks was starting to view it as a distractor since I wanted to get into my speed development for the 10K distance.

This turned out to be one of my best events ever and a PR by almost 5 minutes!

Weather was cold in the morning so I was really glad I had my Goodwill toss-away sweats on. I also had a plan A,B, and C for dealing with the cold. Plan A was my normal running T-shirt with arm warmers. Walking up from the hotel I decided to switch to plan B which was a light thermal under my T-shirt and ditch the arm warmers in teh dry bag for post-race. Good decision ultimately. Wind was about 9-11 from the NNE which put it as a headwind for the first 3, and a tail for the last 5.

I started the race just wanting to settle into a comfortable pace that I could hold for 13 and call it a day. I was trying to keep it at 8:30, but kept creeping up to the low 8's and would deliberately have to slow myself back down. When I finally hit the 1/2 point, I was about 3 minutes ahead of my last PR run and I started to do the math in my head. I was feeling really good and passing a lot of people, so I decided to open it up slowly and see where it felt good. I could always shut down and coast in. At mile 10 I was still well ahead fo where I thought I would be and realized I only had to run around a 23 minute 5K to hit 1:45. Crap, this is possible. My legs felt good, I was on my feed plan so it was time to go for broke. I decided to pick it up, planned to keep a good pace until the dog-leg on to the board-walk and then go all out to the finish. Plan worked great, even though I came up with it on the course and I was very happy to PR.

Ultimately, I achieved my goal of validating my off-season fitness. I have a renewed confidence going into my speed-work phase.


1 - 8.35
2 - 8.25
3 - 8.09
4 - 8.05
5 - 8.08
6 - 8.03
7 - 7.54
8 - 7.59
9 - 7.59
10 - 7.49
11 - 7.45
12 - 7.41
13 - 7.05