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Race Result

Racer: Carl Schneider
Race: Kinetic Half IM
Date: Saturday, May 11, 2013
Location: Lake Anna, VA
Race Type: Triathlon - Half Ironman
Age Group: Male 45 - 49
Time: 5:26:26
Overall Place: 153 / 478
Age Group Place: 9 / 40
Comment: Great course, new PR

Race Report:

WARNING: I am a nerd, this report is factual, not heartwarming or funny.
I would like to think the suffering somehow makes me a better father and/or husband, but I do not think so.

Drank Gatorade/Amino Vital all day Friday.
Left work at 2:30, bad traffic, missed briefing, ate spaghetti & meatballs and got to packet pick-up at 7:15
Walked transition area, guessing at layout
Drove 30 minutes to house on other end of lake and got to bed by 10PM, slept great, only waking twice.
Slept in thin PJs with sound machine on Kindle running all night and ceiling fan on.
Woke 4:30AM for 7AM start, had coffee & bagel with almond butter, then drank only water until race start.
Since there was light rain, only filled tubulars to 140 PSI, needed help to hold value on sick stems.
During racking, realized we had no timing chips, quickly got chip and verified that Greg's was still no picked up.
Found Greg near beach and got his chip settled.
Realized that I had the wrong color swim cap (pink, not green) and cleared it with race official.

Started with pelaton, but quickly veered right due to wind & waves, forgot to compensate for wind & waves and sighted on turn buoy.
After initial shock & adrenalin, got into breathing every 4 strokes and then pulling long with each arm.
Need more open swim, with waves, practice.
Crowded at the turn, say mix of green and silver caps, tried to draft silver cap, but he got away.
Picked up a green cap and followed him all the way to and around the next buoy and almost to the beach.
Wasn't working very hard, passed drafting silver cap, but wasn't a stable swimmer, so back to green cap.

T1: no issues

Awesome course, almost all gentle, rolling hills and smooth pavement.
Some rain and mostly wet roads, but never slowed me down.
Nervous about course map, but turns were well marked and guided, always in sight of other cyclists.
For some hard turned I coasted, but never braked.
Only passed by Female 544, while taking first Gel.
We then went back and forth several times over many miles.
Was using her to control my pace, but asked her if she knew the course, she did not, so I dropped her.
Very little traffic, passed one car on shoulder and a pickup on the left while they waited behind clumps of cyclists.
Passed by a different female on the road in the park.
Watched HR mostly, trying to stay 150-170 bpm, averaged 155 bpm.
Each segment of route was over 20 mph.
Opened show straps early on road in the park, left on bike.

T2: no issues

Hard, 3 lap course from swim boardwalk up & around camp site loop.
Started out too fast@8:12 & 7:52, then settled in.
Passed and stayed with 52 male, stated goal pace of 7:30, way too fast for me.
Quads started hurting about mile 5, then calf cramps about mile 8.
Took Hammer Gels and double waters at most aid stations.
Took 2, then 3 e-caps on 2nd & 3rd loop.
Caught Greg at the start of the 3rd loop, a mental, if not physical boost.
Greg said that I was near breaking the office record, but I found that math a bit too hard.
On final lap, missed the turn off for the finish line and had to jump the plastic fence to get in.
It was a bummer to not to be able to run down, but I was pretty out of it.
Apparently, I was the only one to miss that turn.
I was happy to have finished strong @ 8:21 and then set a PR on a non-flat course.

Triathlon 09/40=22.5 153/478=32.0 5:26:26
Swim&T1 27/40=67.5 356/478=74.5 0:49:26
Bike 10/40=25.0 121/478=25.3 2:40:48
T2&Run 06/40=15.0 161/478=33.7 1:56:13

MALE AGE GROUP: 50 - 54 (90)
Plc Bib Age Sex NAME city/state Rnk Swim&T1 Rnk Bike Rnk T2&Run PENALTY TIME DQ
9. 133 50 M Carl Schneider Ellicott City MD 27 49:26 10 2:40:48 6 1:56:13 5:26:26

0:46:46.19 Swim
0:02:41.05 T1
2:40:47.00 Bike
0:01:13:27 T2

08:12.38 mile 1
07:52.18 mile 2
16:26.29 miles 3&4
08:59.11 mile 5
08:41.60 mile 6
08:33.86 mile 7
09:03.75 mile 8
09:12.68 mile 9
09:35.19 mile 10
09:19.17 mile 11
09:57.20 mile 12
08:21.00 mile 13
01:22.56 0.1 to finish