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Race Result

Racer: Jonathan Anderson
Race: Run to Stop Teen Aids
Date: Sunday, April 7, 2013
Location: Virginia Beach, VA
Race Type: Run - 5 km
Age Group: Male 30 - 34
Time: 0:20:49
Overall Place: 1 / 53
Age Group Place: 1 / 7
Comment: First Race of The Season, Great Way to open this year up.

Race Report:

After Taking a Year Off (injury, kid, Job, blah blah blah,) I am finally back....

Race Temp: =- 50 Degrees, Clear Day, Slightly hilly course at Mt. Trashmore. Race was out and Back. I felt there were about 60 Runners. I Did not train at all 2 days prior to the race. I warmed up about 15 minutes. ( I need more warm up). Race start was scheduled at 9:30am. Did not start until about 9:45. I had cooled down a bit and it screwed me. Right when the gun went off, I felt a pull/burn in my thigh/groin area. I was still able to run so I knew it was just a strain. I started strong and felt great. (Mental Aspect is the most difficult. I got to the first mile at about 5:50m. Felt good and had about a 25yard lead. I kept the pace as best as possible but it slowed a bit. The course was a mix of dirt, gravel, and pavement. The gravel was difficult as it was more garden rocks and very uneven. I had to watch where my foot planting was. At the turn around I had about a 25 second lead on the second place person. The race was not chip timed. It was hard to guage. My dad was there which helped not only for motivation but he was situated at a position where he saw me going out, and coming back. Going out and coming back we ran through two hills which allowed him to be stationed so he could se me before we went through the hills and then after we came back out. it was great on the coming back leg as he yelled that I was about 100 yards ahead of the guy behind me and when I got through the hills, he yelled that I was about 200 yards to the finish, and the guy behind me was about the same distance back give or take. I crossed the line in 20:40, first overall (led start to finish) about 1.25-1.5 minutes ahead of the 2nd place. There are no results posted as of 4-9-13 and the race was on 4-7. I took two days off after the race to recover a bit but need to be mentally strong to get back into the groove. It is early in the season (first race) and I was not prepared for some knee pain I have been experiencing after longer runs or this 5k. It only bothers me at about mile 3 and then lasts for appx. 2 days. I will monitor it throughout the season. I need to stretch more and do more core, and lift with my legs. This will allow me to be better physically prepared. I did not expect to run that fast or to take the lead. I won a night at the Town Center Westin. 1st race 1st place overall. Good start to the season.