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Race Result

Racer: Scott Moffet
Race: Rev3 Williamsburg
Date: Sunday, June 23, 2013
Location: Williamsburg, VA
Race Type: Triathlon - Half Ironman
Time: 5:22:17
Overall Place: 9 / 54
Age Group Place: 105 / 568
Comment: Race was nice, logistics, not so much

Race Report:

I was forced into a hard taper by a business trip to Japan that kept me out of the pool for the 10 days before the race and also 9 days off the bike. I also ate and drank way too much last week, all of which set me up for some really good excuses for my performance.
Since I was late getting back from Japan, my travelling group to Williamsburg (my wife doing the Olympic, my cousin and Ed O'Malley) allowed me to sleep in Saturday morning before heading down. Nice of them but a big mistake -- took about 6 hours to make a 3 hour drive. Oh well, we go there and get our introduction to the 2 transition race. Check in went quick, drove to T1, did a quick ride and racked our bikes.
Race Morning:
Here is where things got a bit crazy. We got to T2 about 5:30, put down our running stuff (fortunately the rain has just stopped) and headed to the shuttle for T1. We should have had plenty of time, but then we saw the shuttle line wrapping down the street. After about 30 minutes of waiting and only progressing about halfway, they finally moved the Half people up to the front to catch the next bus, since our race started before the Olympic. We finally made it to the start 10 minutes before my wave was supposed to start, with no indication of a delay. We ran to our bikes, put our stuff down, quickly for the port-a-potties and then the .25 mile walk to the beach only to see that that pros had not yet started. It would have been nice to know that and not have to rush. To compensate, the changed the time between waves to 3 minutes. More to come on 2 transitions after the race.
HARDEST.SWIM.EVER. I am a pretty good swimmer – just finished the 4.4 Chesapeake Bay Swim 2 weeks ago without a wetsuit, but this kicked my a$$. The water was very shallow, so you had to run, skip, and walk about 100 yards to the first buoy to be able to swim. It was about another 200 yards to the next buoy. With the short time between waves, I caught about 20 people from the previous wave at the turn and had to navigate a traffic jam. Then the fun started – the long straightaway directly into the current for the bulk of the swim. It seemed the buoys were just never getting closer. I finished in 37:16, about 8-9 minutes off my normal 1.2 mile swim time, but still finished 3/54 in my age group (45-49) and 29/568 overall – the slowest swim times I have ever seen.
About a ¼ run up the hill to the bikes. Took about 4:30
The bike course was very nice. Mostly easy rolling hills where you could keep up your speed. With only 600 total people, we were fairly spread out, so I did not see any blatant drafting. The only issue for me was the wind, there was one road straight into the wind for a few miles that wore me out. Finished in 2:38:17 21.2 mph.
Nothing special except that my official time from Rev 3 is 24:32. I was slow, but not that slow.
When I signed up for this race, the run was advertised as a 3 loop flat course with a total of 150 feet of elevation gain. Somewhere that changed. I have nothing against hard courses (love Savageman) but it would have be good to know ahead of time that it became 2 loops, each with 1 good size hill and 1 very big hill. I had already exerted way too much energy and knew the run was going to be tough, I just tried to limit to walking to the bigger hills. That did not always work and the 2 loop was very hard for me. Overall, not a bad run course, I just was not ready for it. And since he will not do a race report, I need to mention that Ed caught me with 2 miles to go and beat me by about a minute. Time was about 2:03, I believe my 24 minute T2 is affecting the official results. Final time was 5:22:17, 9/54 in my age group. Not a great time for me, but good overall considering the difficultly of the course.
Post race:
This was bad. It took Rev 3 about 6 hours to get the bags back from T1 to T2. The fast people and the Olympic racers had to wait a very long time for their stuff. And then it all came at once and there a crush to retrieve the bags. Apparently, there was no food when the Olympic racers finished. And the timing, while still not right, was even worse – most people had 17-20 minute swims and a 1 hour T1. Also, during the race, there were large traffic backups as the police did a great job keeping the course clear, but that created a lot of unhappy drivers. I will be surprised if this race comes back next year.