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Race Result

Racer: Jonathan Anderson
Race: Jeremy's Run5K
Date: Monday, May 27, 2013
Location: Olney, MD
Race Type: Run - 5 km
Age Group: Male 30 - 34
Time: 0:19:46
Overall Place: 7 / 367
Age Group Place: 1 / 26
Comment: New PR and had family there

Race Report:

I was very excited this Memorial Day as we returned on Sunday evening because I was participating in this race. It would also be my first race with my son Eli (2yrs) and my wife Hava. It was a family event.

We woke Eli up at 6:15am as we live in Rockville and had to be in Olney by 7:15. My wife was doing the 5k walk with the little man and I was doing the 5k. The weather was perfect. When we got there, I felt a little sluggish (Food from the weekend) but knew I had been training hard and got into my rituals. Stretch, coffee, stretch coffee...repeat. My son did some stretching as well. Adorable. I also noticed that this was a huge race. Well organized and well attended. I guessed around 300 or so and ended up being over 350. There was also a 10k going on so it was a mass of people.

They did the 10k first with a 5 minute gap between that and the 5k.

I was hoping to do around 20 minutes but in my mind I was thinking more around 21:00. When we lined up I figured I would run and then go back out on the course to finish with my family.

We are lined up and I see someone who I ask what kind of time are you shooting for. He said high 19's. I figured I would trail him and hope for the best. The gun went off and I started to run.

I was never more comfortable in a run in my life. I got into rhythm early and did not have to overcome the usual quick fatigue that I get and have to push through it. I was expecting it. I felt like a dream as I had no clue on my time, and I still do not know when and how to push myself. I had a good pace going but I could not see the guy I was supposed to be trailing.

I also started catching the people in the 10k, which was a dodge and dive obstacle course that I pushed through. For the first time my shoelace came untied and I said screw it, let it hang. I simply felt great.

As I rounded the final turn I saw the clock at 24: and change. I thought oh well, but knew there was something astray. I also did not feel tired which means I do not know how hard to go out or when to push. I will work on that.

Come to find out, they never reset the clock from the start of the 10k, and my time was 19:46. a new PR and mentally knowing I could take another 20 seconds off of it. Boom. I ran right back on the course to find my family and finished the race with them.
One of the more memorable family events I have had in a while and my hard work is starting to pay off. 1st in AG, 7th out of 367.