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Race Result

Racer: Sharon Edelson-Mammel
Race: Eagleman Ironman 70.3
Date: Sunday, June 9, 2013
Location: Cambridge, MD
Race Type: Triathlon - Half Ironman
Age Group: Female 40 - 44
Time: 6:09:04
Overall Place: 1128 / 1828
Age Group Place: 55 / 110
Comment: Sea Nettles, mud & heat-Oh My! 1st Eagleman and a Half IM PR

Race Report:

Pre Race-Thanks to MMTC tent volunteers, I have never gotten into my wetsuit so easily (and never had it fit so well!)

SWIM-54:48 As usual my swim, while I have gotten stronger, is still my Achilles tendon. It took me almost 55 minutes to get the distance in. I did carry a pouch of Gatorade prime (as a test for IMLP,) as a way to get in some fluid and electrolytes before my 2nd loop of the swim. Although for Eagleman, I just used the fluid on the way to transition.

T1-3:12 fast when you consider the mud pits, which I credit to Vigo. That morning I was trying to figure out how best I could get me, the bike and my shoes out of transition with the least amount of mud. I cannot do a flying mount (have regular bike shoes and have never practiced the move.) Vigo told me to clip the shoes to the bike and then carry the bike on my shoulder, once I got clear of the mud, take the shoes off the bike and mount up. I did this and decided to ride without socks (yes I have biked sockless so that wasn’t a new thing.) Thankfully once I cleared the mud, someone had left a towel on one of the metal fences, which I used to clean the mud off my feet, put my shoes on and off I went.

Bike- 3:00:48 Wow I love my new bike (and the IM training engine that runs it!) Average pace 18:58 mi/h. This included holder my aero bottle for 50 of the 56 miles (Velcro holder pulled off and I wasn’t stopping to try and fiddle with it –will use the rubber bands to reinforce for the future!) I grabbed 3 bottles in total from the water stops, this was again due to the new bike and the better stability I have on it. In past races (except for Monticello Man,) I never grabbed a bottle of fluid on the bike for fear of falling. I planned and followed getting in nutrition. I even tried to pee on the bike (didn’t happen.)

T2-3:17 took off the shoes before I entered the mud pit back into transition (although the shoes weren’t clipped in.) I was trying to carry the bike under hand, when I heard Wendy Newton yell “put the bike on your shoulder!” Made the run much faster! Ran out of the T2 (after applying sunscreen) with my shoes & socks in my hands, back thought the mud. No towels this time, so I wiped my feet an best as I could (used a cup of water and a paper towel from the water stop right outside of T2.

Run2:06:59 Really, really hot, was going for a 9:30 pace and got close with a 9:41. It is still my best run for a half IM. As per Eagleman-it was HOT, I got ice and put in down my bra at most every water stop, and would crunch a piece or 2 every so often. I carried my own electrolytes, but got water at every stop. I did have to us a porta potty before mile 1 (but that was planned since I wanted to be well hydrated from the bike!)

Post Race-As usual the MMTC tent and all the MMTC people were great. When I crossed the finish line, Suzy Serpico was there to greet me & ask how it went and did I need anything (thanks coach.) Then when I got to the tent-Beth Olvey took charge (she’s got the Mama bear role down ,) made sure I started to rehydrate and helped get me my things so I could chill out!) One final note on why being a member of MMTC is the best, on the 2nd half of my run, a guy made the comment to me that running next to me was fun, cause so many other MMTC’s called out my name (as we cheered each other on,) he was amazed (and also knew my name from all the shout outs!)