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Race Result

Racer: Lizzy Cowan
Race: Eagleman Ironman 70.3
Date: Sunday, June 9, 2013
Location: Cambridge, MD
Race Type: Triathlon - Half Ironman
Age Group: Female 25 - 29
Time: 5:44:13
Overall Place: 840
Age Group Place: 20 / 56
Comment: I like turtles

Race Report:

Overall: 5:44:13

Swim: 39:57
T1: 3:23
Bike: 2:51:54, 19.55 mi/h
T2: 3:24
Run: 2:05:35, 9:35 min/mile

I love doing Eagleman! It is a fun race to do because there are so many MMTC members there and the tent is awesome! Plus the weather was very nice this year- not as hot as last year and much less wind. I am very happy with my PR time of 5:44:13. Last year I did 5:55 so I am pleased to see improvement, especially with my run since I had the foot injury (still have it but adapted by cutting a hole in my orthotic underneath where it hurts) and had to take six months off of running. Last year I ran a 2:15 half marathon at Eagleman, this year 2:05 and I was able to run the whole thing. Got to pet some jellyfish on the swim (which seemed long, at one point I was standing up by the last orange turn buoy and was confused about where to go. It was very weirdly shallow). My swim was slow for me, 39 mins, which was slower than last year, but I felt strong and happy out there in the water. It was strange slogging through all that mud to get my bike out of transition. I had a great bike. I was able to stay aero most of the time and did my high cadence and thought about “spinning around” to be efficient. I thought I did over 20mph, my bike computer said I did, but my bike computer also says that I went 58 miles so I guess it is not calibrated right. I was happy and felt strong on the bike. Was a bit slow starting out on the run but was able to keep it moving and felt better and better. Made a new “running buddy” along the way and we pushed each other for the second half of the run. I was very happy with my 2:05 half marathon time. Someday I will go under 2 hours in a half Ironman. The run is always where I have the most room to improve. A new bike/some nice wheels might be nice too, but it is not a priority for me right now so I will continue on with my road bike. I would like to improve my running. I am able to push myself on the swim and bike in a way that I cannot seem to do on the run. I think part of it is mental. Now that my foot injury is manageable I am hoping to improve my running again. I have also changed my nutrition this year to be all liquid, if you count gels and shot blocks as liquid. I had about 300 calories / hr using carbo pro and shot blocks on the bike, then I had a gel every half an hour on the run with Gatorade in between. I took endurolytes and also took some ibuprofen when I was starting the run so that I could ignore any possible pain in my foot. My foot really didn’t bother me too much other than getting blisters. I am only a bit sore today but my legs feel stiff and I have some impressive foot blisters! Also ran in my new Hoka One One shoes, which I loved and I think they are helpful for giving me some cushioning on my foot nerve.

I think that crossfit has helped me this year with my triathlons because I feel stronger on the bike (we do a LOT of squats, core, etc.), improved my VO2 max because of the short high intensity workouts, and also I think it has helped me learn to mentally push my limits more. I feel much stronger and generally healthier from it and feel like a more well-rounded athlete. My training has been minimalist, I do 4-5 crossfit workouts per week and I really only run and bike 2-3 times per week, but I have been trying to make those workouts more intense, with one long bike and run on the weekend. I am definitely not doing as much volume for training as I have in the past but I seem to be getting good results with this approach. (This race report is part of my secret plan to get some of you to come do crossfit with me ;) )

I am proud of everyone in our club, everyone did great! Mom had a PR in the half distance, which she has not raced in ten years. Aleah crushed the 6 hour mark! Thanks to all for the support from the club yesterday! Shout out to Elysia for a great job on the tent and to everyone else who helped with the tent as well, I couldn’t have imagined yesterday without the support of the club- there is more to that story but I will let Sue Watson share that in her race report!

One last thing- Andy Potts was wonderful, after winning the pro race he was out there cheering people on along the run course and then he was handing out medals to all of us age-groupers. It was so nice!