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Race Result

Racer: Jennifer Rutz
Race: Baltimore Half Marathon
Date: Saturday, October 14, 2006
Location: Baltimore, MD
Race Type: Run - Half Marathon
Age Group: Female 30 - 34
Time: 2:13:44
Comment: This was a PR for me!

Race Report:

The last half-marathon I ran was in Seattle about three years ago. I had a terrible day and really hated almost every minute of the run. I signed up for this run to get that ugly memory out of my mind…and it worked!

Saturday I had a great run and had a lot fun in the process. Out of the four half-marathons I have done this was the first one where I was not in pain and actually enjoyed the run.

Michele Bull and I had been training together for this run and planned to run the race together. After briefly getting separated prior to the start of the race and wondering how I would run this by myself, we found one another and we were off!

We started toward the mid-back of the pack so we spent the first couple miles either running with the crowd or dodging in and out of people. After mile 2 we were able to get into a good pace. The first half of the course is hilly and I have a tendency to go too hard up hills which then kills me later in the race. I had been working on a steady consistency up hills during training and it seemed to work well during the run.

Around mile 7 or 8 we ran into Arnat Vale. He was running proudly in his MMTC jersey! We started running with him and I think it was beneficial for all of us to keep up a steady pace. Arnat is truly an inspiration. He has had such an amazing season and he was running his first marathon. Michele and I had both run marathons in the past and had experienced the pain he was feeling. We talked to him about positive thoughts, the idea that pain is temporary, and the feeling of crossing the finish line. He didn't talk back much but I hope it helped. So mile by mile we checked them off; that much closer to the finish line. Around mile 10 or 11 of the half we ran into Tom Dugas. We were all able to have a strong finish together.