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Race Result

Racer: Jonathan Anderson
Race: Celebration Sprint Triathlon
Date: Sunday, June 23, 2013
Location: Columbia, MD
Race Type: Triathlon - Sprint
Age Group: Male 30 - 34
Time: 1:43:34
Overall Place: 90 / 599
Age Group Place: 18 / 47
Comment: Race every year as a guage, best one yet

Race Report:


This triathlon/race season has been one for me to remember. I have a total of 10 races of varying distances on the calendar. After taking 2012 off for basically burning out, I had a renewed vigor coming into this season. I had been running, training, biking, all winter hoping to prepare for this season. I run this race a guide to see how I am improving year to year.

First, I need to learn to swim. I am the worst swimmer (everyone says that but i can prove it). I do not practice swimming and need to. I joined a masters group but had only met a couple of times before this event.

The week leading up to the Celebrating heroes, was one where I really did almost no training. I had been training hard and wanted to be fresh for this race. I did 2 swim sessions and thats it. I was running and biking a great deal prior to the week of this event. I also was on my own (until the MMTC folks) as my family could not make it. With a two year old, and living in Rockville, it is simply too early to wake my son up and be in a good mood.

I had racked my bike the day before and got rest (what I could). Is it just me or do others not really sleep the night of a race when we should get more sleep. Weird. I also decided a good time for me this year would be 1:50:00.

Got up at 4:30, coffee, banana, whole wheat bagel in tow. Arrived at 5:45. Fresh, ready to go. Looked at the lake, the swim looked long, head sank.

I was in the third swim heat at 7:15. It was a bit humid but not too hot. I could deal. I had a goal to not do breastroke. None whatsoever. In order to do this, I figured I would find a slow pace that I could freestyle with and keep going. Gun goes off.

I start very slow but consistent. I managed to keep the freestyle going other than a few breast strokes here and there from bumping into others and vice versa. My time however was not impressive. 1k swim, 26:57 or 2:38 minute 50's. 370 overall on the swim. Ugh. Out of the water, breathing hard transition a bit slow but managed. You come out of transition up a hill with your bike shoes on ( need to learn how to keep the shoes on the bike, goal for next year). By the time it was over, really doing almost nothing, I had a 2:08 transition, average (normally I am very fast) and then on to the bike. Whew.

I was flying. I have never felt so good on my bike. Hills I took slow, straights and down hills I humped it. Time: 46:43, 20.5 MPH 47 overall. Great bike time. And I could improve it even more.

On to the run. By this point, I was tired from really pushing on the bike. I am a runner and typically do really well. I was cramping a bit from the humidity and decided not to really hurt myself. The run is hilly and a bit farther than a 5k. I was hoping before the race to do 7min miles. Not meant to be today. i ended up with a 26:39 run, at 7:51 per mile. 90th overall. Then the good news.

I finished in 1;43;34 which was 7 minutes faster than I had planned.

Ended up in 90th place overall and 18 in the age group.

Looking forward to next year and improving the swim.