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Race Result

Racer: Kelsie Bernot
Race: Columbia Triathlon
Date: Sunday, May 20, 2007
Location: Columbia, MD
Race Type: Triathlon - International Distance
Time: 2:41:10
Overall Place: 373 / 1440
Age Group Place: 7 / 88
Comment: I LOVE MMTC!

Race Report:

Overall: 2:41:10
AG (F 30-34): 7/88
54/472 females
373/1440 total

CarboLoading Dinner the day before the race:
We had family in from out-of-town on Saturday…on my feet at the Baltimore aquarium for 3+hours - not exactly the rest I had planned. Then to top it off, we went to Vacarro’s in Little Italy for Dinner. No, not dessert, for DINNER! (For those poor, poor souls who have never had the pleasure…Vacarro’s is a delightful sit-down restaurant that only serves dessert – Italian pastries, scrumptious gelato, the best hot chocolate you’ve ever tasted, and my favorite – the Colosseo – Belgium waffle with about a half-gallon of gelato on top + fruit or hot fudge and whipped cream.) Two of us sharing weren’t able to finish one Colosseo order. Anyways, I figured there’s plenty of carbs in the waffle and the gelato.

Pre-Race MMTC Tent:
THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU to all of the volunteers – I could not have enjoyed the social aspect more – what a fantastic place to spend the 2+ hours from the time I finished organizing my transition stuff the start of my swim wave. I proudly showed off my tattoos to my coworkers today!

Swim: 25:47
AG: 18/88
Based on my two sprint triathlons last year, I knew that the swim was the weakest part of my race, so I really focused on swim training this winter. This was my first time competing in a wetsuit (and my first Int Distance tri), but thanks to the practice open water swim at Sandy Point last weekend (Thanks Sadj, Jen, and Adam!), I was confident I’d be just fine. Can I say that I LOVE wetsuits?!!! I was completely comfortable temperature-wise, and holy cow – my streamline was freakin’ awesome with a 7mil scuba Farmer Jane wetsuit that made me feel like I was just skimming along the surface with very little drag. I was hoping to finish under 29 minutes (my pool time for 1500), so I was ecstatic to look at my watch and see a 25+!

T1: 3:03
AG: 10/88
I didn’t practice any real T1 transitions this year, so I was nervous about getting the wetsuit off, but thanks to Body Glide and Pam Cooking Spray, not much of a problem. I was paranoid that I would forget to put my chip back on (it wouldn’t fit under the wetsuit, so I had to put it on the outside), but no worries, I remembered. And aside from getting the wetsuit off, the rest I had practiced at the RBR’s so I was on autopilot after that (Thanks Arnet!)

Bike: 1:24:03 (18.1 mph)
AG: 9/88
Going into the race, I knew that my bike training was the weakest of the 3 sports. I didn’t ride from the Christmas holidays until April except for two 12 mile rides. The fastest I rode the Columbia course last fall was 1:25; this spring I hadn’t hit under 1:27. The wet roads didn’t really bother me, except slowing down for the turn onto Green Bridge, where I messed up my gear changes, and ended up dropping a chain. Frustrating, since I had specifically worked on this hill with Bob Reid at the hill-climbing clinic. It seemed like 15 people passed me in a matter of seconds! But, I was happy it was just a dropped chain and not a popped tire. And it gave me motivation to go catch many of the people who had passed me! Thanks to Bob’s training, I really enjoyed the uphills as a chance to sit up tall, stretch my back, and spin, spin, spin! As a result, I think I did a better job of saving my legs and was happy with a 1:24 – PR.

T2: 1:33
AG: 5/88
Because of all the RBR’s this spring – T2 was autopilot for me. The funniest part was running past this guy on the way to the run start and hearing him yell, “Geez, I’m not even through the chute yet, and I’m already getting passed!”

Run: 46:47 (7:32/mile pace)
AG: 5/88
Finally – the run – definitely my strong point, but my feet were numb from tbe bike – I noticed other people saying the same thing. The first mile was just gutting it out, and then just trying to keep moving. Several 35-45 aged women passed me – one the one hand, I was pissed that “older” women were passing me, but on the other hand, I was so relieved that they weren’t in my age group, in the end, I just cheered them on. Only one woman in my AG passed me – I really tried to keep her in range, but just didn’t have enough left in me. I got a nice boost in energy from seeing Michele Bull running the opposite direction – loved seeing the MMTC folks out there! And the best was seeing Jen Smith on that last little upgrade before the finish – I totally needed the support there!

Overall: Fantastic Race. Based on practice times, I thought I would finish between 2:45 and 2:50, but was really really happy to finish at 2:41. Still not quite where I had hoped when I first signed up for the race and had all of these grand plans for training through the winter, but way better than I expected from 2 months out! It was such a boost to see all of the other MMTC’ers out on the course – and again, AWESOME tent support – that cheeseburger was the best burger ever!!!