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Race Result

Racer: Geoff Matrangola
Race: Columbia Triathlon
Date: Sunday, May 20, 2007
Location: Columbia, MD
Race Type: Triathlon - International Distance
Age Group: Male 35 - 39
Time: 2:54:10
Overall Place: 464 / 969
Age Group Place: 78 / 186
Comment: Good fun, even though it was wet

Race Report:

Friday I checked in and saw a few friends from MMTC and LTF at packet pickup. Spent all my mad money on a new Tri Bag on sale and tri pants (also on sale). I went over to Princeton to have my bike inspected. I didn’t realize that they were doing it at Centennial. But it was a good thing I went to the shop because my “historic” bike needed more work than I realized. The handle bars were loose, the screw that holds the seat post in place was cracked and the saddle was misaligned. They fixed it all for me. No charge. Awesome! I could have made the repairs myself but it would have taken longer, plus I would have been a little freaked about riding it on Columbia without a good test ride.

I dropped the bike off at the transition area and went for a short low-key run around the lake with Dave Wheeler. It felt good to loosen up. Thanks for pacing me, Dave.

The rain started just as my group got into the water. I was one of the first in because I wanted to warm up. I did a few around in the corral until the other guys settled in to place. I picked near the middle of the front. I figured I’d swim straight to the bowie that was obscured by the dog-leg on the shoreline. The only problem was that other swimmers didn’t know that you are supposed to hug the shore so I got cut off as everyone else swam to the first bowie. I got hit hard in the eye. Hard. I saw stars took a big gulp of lake water and went right into panic mode. I’ve never done that, panic mode, so I let a big group of swimmers go past. I got my head back in the game, calmed down and settled into a decent swim. Faster, than last year, slower than 2005.

T1 was slow. The rain made my socks wet. I wanted to wear my new Super Grover socks so I stubbornly went about putting wet bike socks on wet feet. 4:50 slower than ’05 and ’06.

It was still raining through most of the bike course. The rain was bad but I’ve ridden the course in worse during practice rides so I knew where to take it easy and where I could push safely. Thanks partly to Bob’s hills clinics I felt strong and passed a fair number of people up hill. However, many returned the favor going down hill with their fancy areo position and lack of concern for wiping out. Faster than ’05 and ’06 (just barley).

T2 was uneventful except that I started running towards the bike out. Duh. Wake up! 1:18 Faster than ’05 and ’06.

The rain stopped just in time for the run. I decided to push the run a little harder this year. With more distance runs earlier this year and thought I learned a little more about how hard I can push. My legs and feet were numb from the bike ride so I figured I’d use the lack of feeling to run them hard and if they started to hurt when they thawed I’d slow down. After about a mile into it there was no pain and I felt good through the rest of the run but just couldn’t keep the 8:00 m/m pace I set in the beginning. In the end I was 5 seconds slower than ’05 (same avg pace of 8:35) and 1:19 faster than ’06. So much for pushing harder.

The post race MMTC Festival was wonderful. Great food! The burger hit the spot and I think it will do a lot to help recovery (more so than the carb extravaganza they feed the rabble). Thanks to all the volunteers! Great! Sorry I couldn’t see everyone finish but I had to get out in time to watch my daughter’s ballet recital followed by a father/daughter bowling event with the other.

I’m already looking forward to next year.