About Us

Who We Are

Founded in late 2002, The Mid Maryland Triathlon Club is a USAT-sanctioned, not-for-profit, volunteer, community based organization dedicated to helping the area’s triathletes. Our members include novices looking for support before completing their first triathlon, to veterans of Ironman competition. The club is run by the members who organize all activities and events which are geared to multisport athletes of all abilities.  

The purpose of MMTC is to promote wellness through physical activity, training, and education for swimming, biking, and running. This group represents the sport of triathlon and other endurance sports within the community as a fun and effective way to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Monthly Meetings

Membership meetings occur on the first Monday of each month (unless it conflicts with holidays) and are currently being held via Zoom given the current COVID situation. Each meeting will be different and exciting as we invite speakers to discuss training techniques, nutrition, health issues, and personal accounts of their of their experiences doing the things we love! All paid members are welcome to attend.

Board of Directors

The Mid Maryland Triathlon Club members elect yearly board members who help to organize the group’s events and activities. Everyone in the organization is a volunteer who donates their time and talents to benefit the club, our members, the sport, and the community. Elections occur annually at the December meeting. Anyone who is a member in good standing at of the time of the election may run for office and vote. To see our current Board of Directors, click here. If you are interested on being a Board member and would like more information, please contact our President here. We hold monthly board meetings and members may attend. If interested, please contact one of the BoD members. Their contact information can be found here.

Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteering is a great way to give back to the sport, the community, and also it also makes you feel good. The strong sense of community present in multisport is built upon a foundation of volunteering – people helping others. The Mid Maryland Triathlon Club relies on YOU, our members and interested parties, to conduct events and to promote triathlon around the area. Please volunteer. It makes you part of the event! No experience is necessary. To see upcoming volunteer opportunities, click here.

Interested in Joining MMTC?