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Yahoo Group FAQ

Mid Maryland Triathlon Club maintains an electronic mailing list utilizing Yahoo Groups technology. This FAQ document is intended to give the basic information you need to participate in MMTC's "mmtri" Yahoo mailing list. Yahoo maintains extensive Help on their site at the following URL:

Q. Who can join the list and how much does it cost?
A. Access to the the club's Yahoo group is limited to club members in good standing only. At one time it was open to the general public but due to unwanted mail and postings of unrelated items, we decided to make the group private. Membership in the list costs you nothing and comes with your club membership. All costs to operate the list are covered by MMTC.
Q. How do I join the list?
A. When your dues are paid, an invitation to the Yahoo group will be sent to the email address you used on your application. Follow the link in the invitation to the group. If you don't have a Yahoo ID, you will be asked to create one as part of this process, and to then confirm your membership in the group via email. Until these steps are completed, you will not be a member of the mmtri group. If you have paid dues, but did not receive an invitation, please check your spam folder first for possible misdirection, then contact the list owner at
Q. Are there rules that go with posting to this list?
A. There are a few basic rules everyone should follow to maintain harmony on the list. While these involve common courtesy there are stated here for the record. Offenders will be immediately removed from the group at the sole discretion of the webmaster. This will be reported to the Board of Directors at the next meeting and the incident will be reviewed.
1) Please avoid any foul language on the list.
2) Please do not spam the list with overtly commercial messages.
3) Please do not insult teammates or other.
4) Help MMTC moderate this list by reporting anything that you find especially offensive to the webmaster.
5) Remember that this is a public forum and individual person-to-person communications should generally be avoided if it is not of interest to all members of the list.
Q. How do I send/post messages?
A. To Post a message, log in to the Yahoo group and click 'Post,' write your message and click 'Send.' It's that easy! Members posting race reports on the website can have their reports automatically forwarded to the Yahoo group by checking the little box at the bottom of the page before they submit the report.
Q. How do I change the format and/or frequency of messages sent to me?
There are several important options pertaining to how often and what format the messages generated by list users are sent to you. Options for format include plain text or HTML. You can have messages sent to you individually, grouped together in a daily digest, or not at all. Additionally, you can elect to receive only Special Messages. This is the Message Type we use to send out Club News. To set these options, go to the group's web page at and click "Edit My Membership" in the upper right hand corner.
Q. What other features are available?
A. The Group has a number of other features that are useful including a Calendar, Archives Search, Photos and Files. These can all be accessed by logging in to the Yahoo group and viewing the selections on the left-hand side of the page.
Q. How do I unsubscribe?
A. To Unsubscribe from the group, click 'Edit Membership' and at the bottom of the page click 'Leave Group.'
Q. How do I contact the list owner?
To contact the List owner, send an e-mail to

Upon subscribing please feel free to introduce yourself to other members of the list by providing some general information about yourself and your triathlon interests. This might include your name, e-mail address, city and state, occupation, the type of triathlons you have done or plan to do, your training habits, etc.

Once again, please be courteous. Don't be afraid to joke around, but please consider your posts carefully.

Thank you,
MMTC Webmaster,