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Beginner's Triathlete Program

Hey New MMTC Triathletes!

In partnership with our sponsor CB Multisport, we are excited to present the Centennial Triathlon Beginner’s Triathlete Program. This is a free, 16-week program being offered to MMTC members. For more information, visit Training.


The MID MD TRI collection contains a wide assortment of products to allow athletes to choose their individual style and fit. Whether it's race day or training, the collection contains a assortment of products to maximize your performance. This year's collections lots of upgrades and improvements.

This store will close March 29. Your custom order will go straight to production and ship in approximately 4-5 weeks.

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Upcoming Club Events

May Virtual Club Meeting

Training by the Numbers

Hosted by CB Multisport

VO2 max, FTP, TSS, heart rate zones? What the What? If you want to know more about training by the numbers and what they all mean, please tune in to the MMTC May Virtual club meeting where Tim Delss from CB Multisport will field your questions.

More information.

2020 Mid Maryland Virtual Run-Bike-Run

Since we're not able to meet at Centennial Park for our Brick and Pic due to the COVID-19 restrictions, MMTC will be holding a virtual Run-Bike-Run event from April 24-26 instead!

More information.

News & Notes

COVID-19 Message From Our Club President

MMTC Club Members:

I hope everyone is doing well and able to keep some level of fitness and sanity during these unprecedented times. I wanted to give a quick update on club activities and cancellations due to the COVID-19 pandemic and Government restrictions:

  • Run-Bike-Run postponed until first Wednesday after the bans are lifted.
  • April 7 club meeting at Manor Hill Tavern is cancelled.
  • Brick and Pic postponed until a later date.

We will continue to send out updates as we get new direction from the government and local authorities. If you have any questions, concerns or suggestions – please don’t hesitate to reach out to a board member or connect in the club Facebook group. I know these are trying times – please continue to do your part in stopping the spread of this virus. If you are able, please reach out and support your community in any way you can. And please do not forget our sponsors…most are small business that are feeling the brunt of this pandemic.

I appreciate everyone’s support and understanding – and pray we are able to get back to normal quickly.

Dan Mooney, MMTC President

Paratriathletes welcome!

Athletes of all abilities are welcome to join MMTC and participate in all training, mentoring, social, and other activities. Club members have experience supporting physically challenged athletes as training buddies, handlers, guides. We are actively looking to expand participation of ALL athletes! Funding may be available to support membership dues. Email for more information on funding or integrating with MMTC.

Mentoring Program

The mentoring program is still open for 2020! We have paired mentees who have signed up so far, but there are still plenty of generous & knowledgeable MMTC folks who want to help Mentor someone. For more information or to signup, visit Mentoring

Bike Box Rental

This is a membership benefit for all current members of MMTC. If you wish to reserve the bike box for an event, email the Club President. A $50 deposit is required by check, which will be refunded as soon as the bike box is returned.

MMTC Needs Volunteers!

Sign Up Now!

All adult members are qualified and someone that has done the job before you will be able to guide and assist as required.

No position is too demanding, but could be split if required. Wife and husband teams have been very effective in the past.

This club is run by volunteers and it is through your generosity with your time that we can offer such amazing club activities for all!

Please consider volunteering at least once this year.

Welcome to Mid-Maryland Triathlon Club!