We are excited to present to members of Mid Maryland Triathlon Club: the 2024 Beginner Triathlon Program!

This program is free for MMTC members and designed for athletes in their first or second year of triathlon. We encourage you to participate, or if you know anyone who is curious about the sport, to sign up for a membership and take advantage!

The 16-week comprehensive training program will emphasize skill development across all three sports, an understanding of how nutrition and recovery play critical roles in the success of endurance athletes, as well as providing a supportive and educational environment in order to empower all participants to confidently complete their goal race.

The program will be led by a collaborative effort between coaches Jen Coyne, of Coyne Coaching, and Tim Delss, of CB Multisport. Jennifer has been in the sport of triathlon since 2006, completing all distances and is a two-time World Championship Qualifier; mentoring and volunteering in the club since 2018; is a personal trainer; and has coached first timers across their first finish line. Tim has been in the sport of triathlon, and MMTC, since 2010, and his love and passion for the sport led to him becoming a professional coach in 2017. He has coached hundreds of athletes around the world for all distances, experience levels, and athletic abilities. He leads the IRONMAN First Timers and Secrets to Success Program for IRONMAN Maryland and has been active with the club since 2015.

Together, Tim and Jennifer offer this program about 30 years of experience, with increased availability, and differing personalities and approaches. Both have had the opportunity to mentor athletes new to the sport as well as to create and implement training plans and programs for small groups and individuals. This will provide the members with the necessary skills, knowledge, motivation, and confidence to thrive in the sport.

Questions? Contact
Dave Lamparella, President
Theresa Catterton, Membership Experience Director