Volunteering is a great way to give back to the sport, the community, and also it also makes you feel good. The strong sense of community present in multisport is built upon a foundation of volunteering – people helping others. The Mid Maryland Triathlon Club relies on YOU, our members and interested parties, to conduct events and to promote triathlon around the area. Please volunteer. It makes you part of the event! No experience necessary.

  • Run/Bike/Run volunteers can help set up bike racks and must stay with them to watch over the gear. Volunteers must arrive half an hour before the start time to sign up new athletes and sign in existing athletes. Volunteers only need to bring a chair and any drinks or snacks they may want. This occurs weekly and lasts about 2 hours. RBR occur between April and October every year.

  • Adopt-A-Highway Trash Pickup involves cleaning up our adopted highway, which is Route 108 between Route 29 and Davidge Drive. MMTC provides coffee, bagels and munchkins. Due to State Highway Administration rules, no children allowed to participate and a maximum of 12 people can be out there at a time, so we are reserving slots for MMTC members only. We will announce the meetup dates and times in the Facebook group.

  •  MMTC Food Drive is a wonderful opportunity to serve others. It’s crazy to think our neighbors may not have enough to eat – but it happens. Times are still tough for many during this season and food banks need help. We will be collecting non-perishable items at ALL our club events to help care for those less-fortunate. Items will be donated to our local Howard County Food Bank on behalf of MMTC on a regular basis.